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Thursday 17 January 2019

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Sunnybank on Thursday was a collection of short, conversations whilst buses came and left.

Caleb a young Christian man from a local Church was encouraged to evangelise as he knew the Gospel.

David a man who thought there was a higher power but didn't want to believe that God would judge, was shown that because God is good He must judge.

Oliver was shown that creation shows us that there must be a Creator and therefore we are accountable to Him for the way we have lived.

Oscar said he didn't know what happened after we died and was happy to listen to the law and Gospel until his bus arrived.

Suri an Indian man tried to hold onto both the idea that there is no God whilst declaring that if God exists he is very good and definitely going to Heaven.

There was also an older gentleman who loved his own ideas, he believed many conspiracy theories, predominantly about how the "evil" Jews controlled the whole world and on this basis because Jesus was a Jew he rejected any offer of salvation that Jesus could provide.

Lastly a young man named Anthony was spoken to, he had a pretty good understanding of the Gospel but was struggling with his assurance. He heard the beautiful implications of the Gospel and why we can have full assurance of our salvation because we are saved on the basis of Christ's perfect work, not anything we can do!

Please be praying for these short and sharp conversations, that God would use them to be another step in the process of bringing them to himself.

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