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Sunday 3 March 2019

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The first weekend of March saw 3 outreaches: Philippine day in the city, Sumner beach on the Saturday, and our regular Sunday afternoon outreach in the city.

The focus of the Philippine day outreach was handing tracts to all the people coming and going from Cathedral Square.

One very encouraging conversation occurred.  A young couple walked passed as I was handing out Eternity tracts, but the girl came back.  She took the tract, and said: "My friend gave me one of these last week".  I was curious.  I asked if her friend was a Christian.  "No", she said, "she is an atheist, but someone gave it to her last week, and after reading it gave it she gave it to me".  She went on to say that her atheist friend had appreciated it - something about not needing to be perfect.

Well, this gave me an opportunity to build on the knowledge presented in the tract.  I made it to talking about how hell is reasonable in light of a holy and just God.  She agreed, acknowledging the logic of it!  But at this point, she had to go, as her boyfriend - who didn't want to talk - was anxious to go.  I gave her another tract as she parted.  But I was so encouraged to hear of how a simple gospel tract had led to pondering the important questions of life for multiple people.  Oh that they would trust in Christ!

At the Sumner beach outreach, in the afternoon, some good gospel conversations were had.  One of them started as people were watching a World War 2 British fighter plane flying overhead (see picture).  As it flew past, I asked 2 guys on bikes if it was a Spitfire.  This led, eventually, to a gospel conversation!  They both received follow up tracts as well.

Sunday morning my wife told me, as I was about to head off to church early to help with sound set up, that my eldest child was keen to join me on the streets sharing the gospel. I was thinking of taking the afternoon off, but that put some wind in my sails! Outreach on! ;) After church, my wife tells me all 3 of our children are joining me. :)

And what an awesome afternoon it was. There was a team of 9, and there were many good gospel conversations happening.

There were some with less experience, and a fair amount of nerves... but they all handed out some tracts.

God is good. Some real encouragement was received.

May those that heard the gospel come to faith in Christ - for His glory.

Come join this motley crew of fishers of men, out where the fish are! ;)

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Including Fridays in Cathedral Square from 12:30pm and in Cashel Mall after that till 3:30pm. Also Sundays in Cashel Mall 1:30pm till 3:30pm.

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