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Sunday 10 March 2019

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Saturday saw an eventful outreach in Cathedral Square for the Christchurch (NZ) team.

A group, whom I have encountered before, that sadly believe water baptism and speaking in tongues is required for salvation, were also out sharing.  Discussions were had with a few of them refuting this, and explaining justification by faith alone.  Considering all my interaction with people from this group, their passion for what they believe is overbearing and forceful and a reminder to me of how not to talk to people when I'm sharing about Jesus.

But tracts were distributed and some good conversations were had.  A highlight conversation was with a young Christian man who was keen to go through the flip chart, and was very impressed with the way the law was used before presenting the good news of Christ.  He left with a Paul Washer booklet: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and encouragement to watch The Shocking Youth Message on You Tube.

After this, a huge crowd protesting water bottling companies came and presented a wonderful opportunity for tract distribution - I ended up giving away all my tracts.  :)

Later on Saturday, I did some more letterbox dropping.  Doing a few hours a day, I've nearly covered a whole suburb in a week.

Sunday brought rain again - but not enough to stop the afternoon outreach!  With the markets not running due to the weather, the only entertainment in Cathedral Square was the wonderful busking of Kelvin, and some Christians (us) out sharing about Christ.

People from South Africa, Israel and German were open to gospel conversations.

The 2 German tourists (with excellent English) stopped at the flip chart keen for a conversation.  They easily followed the logic of the gospel presentation I gave them, and then hung around to discuss it further.  It turns out that another Christian had been sharing the same message with them when they were down in Wanaka.  I pleaded with them that today was the day of salvation: to repent and trust in Christ - they may not get a third opportunity to hear the message of the hope of eternal life found in Jesus.

As 2 of the team were leaving for a coffee after the outreach, we were distributing tracts as we walked.  One young man asked what it was, and I responded with "a gospel tract".  This caused an English lady, who was walking past, to stop which led to a full gospel conversation with her.

I praise God for the many wonderful opportunities to fulfill the great commission: to go and spread the good news to everyone in the whole world.

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