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Saturday 9 March 2019

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On Saturday 9th March, Simon and I went to Exeter for outreach which is the next biggest city to Plymouth, a population of around 150,000 and always seems to have a good response when we go there to preach and witness.

Simon preached first which was for around 40 minutes while I handed out tracts to people that walked past, while a few other people stopped to listen. 

Something unusual happened whn Simon was preached- a lady gave him a hand written note, and we read it together afterwards which is attached. It seemed to show she had been brought up in a legalistic Church and had obviously affected her in a negative way and led to her renouncing the Church which is most unfortunate, but she left quickly without us having a chance to talk to her about it.

I spoke to three lads in their early twenties who were in the Navy who had taken an interest in the million pound note tracts. When speaking about life and death and if anything had ever happened to them- one said that he had a heart condition and had collapsed in the street with the other friend having to help him and call the ambulance. This made the other two think more about eternity, and one of the lads smiled when I was talking and when I asked why he said he had looked at a woman walk past in the street after I had talked about the seventh commandment. This made us all share about why men can find it difficult not to do that and why we need a Saviour! 

A woman with quite bright new age clothing and her hair in braids stopped to read the intelligence test questions and asked what we were doing and was very happy to ask some questions and take tracts.

I preached again about the carving of a woman in the high street that showed us all we knew that God existed as it needed a designer, and why we all knew God existed but just loved being in charge of our own lives rather than acknowledge Gods existence. I shared again about CSI and how DNA meant we were all fearfully and wonderfully made, but that also we could not commit a crime with evidence being left, and that God who made the eye and the ear could see and hear and why we needed saving because we had all done wrong, with a conscience and knowledge of it.

A lady listened as I preached and afterwards said her name was Bernice. She said she was formerly an atheist but had become a Christian 16 years ago after hearing an open air preacher here in Exeter and was born again. She was really encouraging and spoke at length to Simon.

Two university students stopped to read the intelligence test and led to a great conversation afterwards, and Simon spoke to a  man who was next to us with others with dragon boats- he was a Jew and said he was still waiting for the Messiah, and Simon managed to speak to him about Isaiah 53 and the many reasons why we know Jesus is the Messiah!

A lady that came up at the end as we were packing up was asking questions about homosexuality, how we know the Bible is true, how we discipline our children- she had spoken to us when we went and they had the gay pride march a few months ago, and although was quite argumentative did listen to our answers and took some tracts.

When we finished and were walking back to the car we stopped in McDonald's that had loads of teenagers in on a Saturday afternoon. They were reading the intelligence test board and led to lots of chats and tracts being handed out, and a McDonald's staff member read the board and said he was a Christian and went to Brethren Church here in Exeter.

It was a fantastic day with lots of great encouragement from some Christians that walked past and many tracts handed out and fruitful conversations. God really blessed us with good weather and an open square with not much going on which allowed room for people to stop and think about the message we were preaching and we were praising and thanking God on the way home for such a good day! SDG

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