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Friday 29 March 2019

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On Thursday we had two outreaches: City & Eastgate.

Before getting to Cathedral Square, I encountered the same young man I had shared with exactly one week earlier, so I had an opportunity to follow up and reiterate the Gospel message with him.

It had been a while since I had last preached in the open air.  And today felt like the right time to get back into it.

Our two main hecklers were down a bit from speakers corner, and I expected them to come down and start sharing their thoughts - but they didn’t.  Fine with me.

I proclaimed the law and the Gospel using the recent shootings as a springboard and a focus on anger being murder of the heart meaning we all need justice and the grace only provided by Jesus on the cross.

One of the hecklers did come over as I was nearing the finish of my message. I completely ignored him, and to my surprise he ran out of steam quickly and left in disgust.

The Eastgate bus stop was as good as ever, with a steady stream of Gospel conversations occurring.

Friday saw Andy get back on the box, after he was attacked 2 weeks prior, before the team moved to Cashel Mall for 1 to 1 Gospel conversations and tract distribution.

The day ended with our evening outreach where Andy had a wonderful opportunity to speak with 3 Muslim men for nearly an hour.

And I had a wonderful conversation with a young man on his way to the bus exchange.  He didn’t have a Christian background, but he had obviously been wrestling with the important questions of life and was very receptive to the Gospel presentation, gladly accepting literature.

A wonderful two days of Gospel ministry.  What a privilege to be a part of the Kingdom of God, and then have the honour to be an ambassador of Jesus! I can't think of a better job to have!  Your prayer for the work in Christchurch is much appreciated.

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