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Monday 1 April 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba there was a team of five! Now that might not sound like a lot but that is 250% the size of a normal team! Imagine if all the outreach teams grew that much this week! At first the team were a little worried that with the five there wouldn't be enough conversations to go around but we were wrong! Praise God that over the three hours the five were consistently in conversations. Meaning around fifty people heard the Gospel!

Here are four brief recounts of conversations that were encouraging and will hopefully encourage you to come out sometime!

The first lady of the afternoon was approached, her name was Kia. She had very little idea about the God who made this world. But she came to see that He exists, that He has standards, that we've failed to keep them and therefore there is only once place to turn for hope, the very same God against whom we have rebelled. She heard of God's love displayed at the cross and the offer of forgiveness that comes with it. She was challenged to consider it and took a tract as her bus arrived.

Next was a man named Noah, who had a Christian background but wasn't a Christian. At first he was asked what was getting him to Heaven and gave some almost passable answers but it didn't seem convincing, he was saying things but it didn't sound like he believed them. He was shown the law, the guilt, the penalty and was shown the problem he was in. He didn't seem overly worried or moved so he was pushed a little further. Finally the Gospel was shared and he was left to consider it. He came to intellectually understand that Christ alone can save but it remains to be seen on judgement if God will be gracious to Noah and draw him to Himself.

Another exciting conversation is one that has taken place over the last twelve months or so. There is a lady named Lynn who is never around for a long period of time before catching her bus. She has lots of stories and lots of update on how her daughter and grandchildren are going and many of them are exceedingly sad. But after the updates (which are basically prayer points) the question is posed to Lynn, "So what will happen to us after we die?" Most weeks Lynn talks about the same things, says the same responses and seems to be in zombie mode. But by the grace of God, this week was different!

Lynn responded and engaged with new answers. She asked questions, she saw how her sin will lead her to Hell and that currently she was in big trouble. And as she began asking for the solution, just as the set up was being giving, explaining why someone else can take our place and what they must be like, her bus arrived. God is wonderful to give such an opportunity today yet in His timing it wasn't yet the time for the Gospel. She did take a tract as usual and was encouraged to read it.

The last conversation was with Aidan, he at first said there was no God but with the building's need a builder analogy acknowledged that there is one, then was shown why it matters and how it impacts our lives. He was shown then how he had failed to obey God and that this left him in the waiting line for judgement. He at first didn't acknowledge worry but as the conversation went on he seemed to show more interest into how this can be solved and to finish he heard the Gospel, how one must respond simply by trusting Christ and that this will result in a changed life. He seemed pensive and was given a tract as his bus arrived.

Please be praying that Kia would heed the Gospel and trust in Christ. Please pray that God would wake Noah out of his slumber about the reality of who he is and what he deserves. Please pray that Lynn would consider what was said this week and that she would be looking for a solution to her sin, even to the point of asking about it next time. Please pray for Aidan that he would come to trust in the God that he now knows about! And please bring yourself before God in prayer asking Him to give you the boldness and the courage to speak of Christ wherever you may go and maybe even try and join the team in the near future!

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