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Sunday 14 April 2019

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Thanks for praying with us that our Lord would bring to fruition the seeds of faith planted today:

- Park was not going to do anything with his new understanding of God's good news because his family members had different views. Harry asked him which was the more important: peace at home and going to hell, or receiving peace with God and being brought into God's family? He got the point. May God stir him to be reconciled to God by trusting in His Son as His Saviour and Lord.

- Lee-Anne and Railee met Rudolph and Catherine who turned out to be Mormons but were sadly trusting in what they did to get to heaven. It seemed that she was understanding the gospel but failed the checking question. He wasn't really listening to anyone but himself. May God grant them spiritual eyes  wide open to grasp the good news and hearts tender to His salvation.

- Fynn had a chat with the Lifeguard who was keen to defend his own life-view. Ask our great God to convict him of his sins and see the uniqueness of Jesus and the need to rely on Him alone for salvation.

- Ryan had a laborious chat with an older couple who heard the whole message as God caused one, then the other to engage in the chat. She spent the last part of the chat saying that she did not want to hear any more but her husband would not disengage. May God remove the blindfold from their eyes that they might see their urgent need of the Saviour.

- I had another lesson in persevering. Fynn started a flip chart chat with a Chinese woman and her 2 small children. She was quite open about her sins. As soon as she heard about Judgment she said that did not believe in a hell. About 8 more of her family approached the jetty and she left with them. Some time later, a young Chinese couple, Sabrina and Kastrel, went through the flip chart with me (Fynn was speaking with the Lifeguard at this time). They concluded that they had never heard the Bible message explained this way before. They took a gospel of John and were going to download a Bible. We parted.

At the close, when Railee and I were walking up the hill to get our car, I saw them coming in company with some of the other family members who had been responsible for giving the mother and 2 children an excuse for leaving without hearing the full message. I told Railee who handed out some Easter tracts to them all and cuddled Sabrina.  They seemed genuinely pleased to see us. May God do want we cannot and save them.

God receives all the glory for increasing our faith even as we show our love for Hom by obeying, in a small way, His GREAT COMMISSION. Holy, holy ,holy is the Lord of hosts - Is. 6. 

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