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Saturday 20 April 2019

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On Saturday it was a beautiful Easter weekend with many people out to enjoy the sun up on the Hoe and many beaches around Plymouth. The City Centre was very busy, and Simon, Laurie and I had many good conversations, particularly with a Romanian lady and he friend called Luminata and Dan. She was very insightful and asked some really good questions while going through the flip chart good person test with her, and she took a Bible and some tracts and said she would think about what we talked about and what good Friday and Easter Sunday truly meant.

Laurie spoke with a man that said he had come out of the Mormon church a while ago, but was sort of in limbo as to what to do now or what Church to attend as was weary of everything that had happened to him. Laurie managed to share the truth of Christianity with him and the gospel that assures our salvation rather than the false message Joseph Smith taught, and he gladly took a Bible and some tracts and we pointed him towards some good churches he could attend.

I spoke with two two young builders that walked past that were seemingly quite shocked as God and their eternity were the last things on their mind on such a sunny Saturday, but they understood and took tracts and had a firm handshake afterwards which was good. A friendly young man called Casper stopped to look at the intelligence test, and he said he had done really well at Math's when at school and had gotten all A's, but was quite embarrassed when he got a few of the questions wrong! 

I preached about the magician and escape artist Harry Houdini and his death defying stunts and his interest in the afterlife and trying to communicate with his wife after death, and I explained how Jesus was the ultimate proof there was life after death due to his literal death and resurrection with no other explanations or excuses people could make apart from the fact that he was fully man and fully God and took the punishment of sin upon himself and verified his message by raising himself from the dead.

Simon spoke with lots of people too and preached, and at the end Laurie engaged with a Muslim couple that walked past. This was very interesting and we all spoke with them for around 20 minutes, the wife seemingly very interested in what we had to say and eagerly reading the tracts we had given her, while the husband was quite liberal in saying the Koran does not teach violence against Christians and Jews and we were to have peace together because we all worshipped the same God. This led to some dialogue as to the trinity and how as a Muslim he had assurance he was going to heaven when he died. The man appeared to think he had forgiveness from Allah and knew he would go to Heaven- he had memorized the Koran and just thought Allah would forgive people who repent, but we all told him that without a sacrifice to pay for them he was still in his sins, and why Christianity offered the only way of salvation for everyone. He said he would come and speak to us again which was good, but we pray his wife particularly searches the scriptures in what she read and we can meet with them again to chat and share the gospel with them.

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