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Monday 29 April 2019

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The afternoon was at Capalaba was filled with encouragement! Not only did a new team member come along to preach God's glorious gospel but the outreach featured many positive responses to the gospel! As usual some people were closed off whilst others were open to hear but through it all God in his providence enabled His word to go forth and it will not return without accomplishing what He has sent it out to do!

The second conversation of the afternoon took place with Georgia who at first said she didn't really believe in Hell but that she thought everyone went to Heaven. It didn't take long going through God's law and God's goodness for her to see that Hell must exist and even worse, that every human being deserves to be sent there. She came to understand the trouble we are in and then for the first time in her life she came to comprehend what Christ has done to save sinners and how a simple response of faith is all that is required to be made right before God!

Georgia even said, "All of these years in the Church I have heard many things but this is the first time I have understood how simple it is to be forgiven by God!" When asked later about when she would trust in Christ she said, "On my death bed", to which she was challenged with two thoughts, firstly that none of us are guaranteed a moment before death to trust in Christ and secondly she was asked this question, "If you don't want to trust in Christ now, who says you will want to trust in Him then?"

Georgia was challenged by this, was encouraged with what the Christian life will look like and that it will cost her things and at the end of the conversation she said she would consider it and that should would trust Christ today! Praise God for the clarity of the gospel and please bring Georgia before Him that He would graciously draw her to Himself!

There were also two exciting conversations that took place with elderly ladies. For the record, usually older people in general are hardened too the gospel. Either because they've grown up in Church and think they know it already or they've lived in rebellion against God their whole lives and aren't willing to change now. But in these two cases the opposite was true, both women were happy to talk and were challenged by the gospel.

First was a lady who had previously spoken to some other Christian's but didn't know the gospel. She through the conversation saw her sin, the penalty sin deserves and the desperate situation that leaves us in. Then she heard of God's forgiveness, that He pays the debt we owe so that we can be forgiven and she came to understand that this forgiveness is offered as a gift, not on the basis of merit, so that all who trust Christ receive the gift of forgiveness. She seemed to understand how simply it was received and was thankful for the chat. A checking question, to make sure she understood the gospel was asked but she didn't get a chance to answer as her bus arrived. She did take a tract though!

Next was a conversation with Lynn who had spoken briefly to the team a fortnight ago but today heard the gospel fresh. She came to understand the bad news and what Christ has done to save sinners but not the response of faith to receive it, as her bus arrived as well. Thankfully she was open and happy to chat and even said, "I shall see you in two weeks"! Lynn was for the first time in her life piecing together all of the things she had heard in Sunday School all those years earlier.

Please be praying for these three women that today would be the day of salvation where they would come to know God intimately as their Lord and Saviour and that for the first time they would trust in Him and what He has done to save them!

Praise God that the gospel is so simple and so free, so that all who come to Him in faith may be forgiven!

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