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Saturday 11 May 2019

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Again the weekend saw two outreaches in the city.

On Saturday I was in Cathedral Square and I had two highlight conversations.

The first was with a homeless guy who wanted to know what the flip chart was all about.  He was very open to the law and Gospel presentation.  I could see that he really wanted to change, but there were things in his life he didn’t feel he could clean up.  He talked about trying and failing.  I had a wonderful opportunity to explain what repentance and faith were.  Because of what Christ had done on the cross, our sin debt is completely paid.  We need to trust in Christ, and not our works for salvation: faith alone.  I also explained that because it had all been done by Christ, repentance couldn’t mean: try.  It is a change of heart, a change of mind from sin to God (including will and emotions) that, ultimately, only God can give us.  I challenged him not to try harder, but to surrender to Christ: to repent and believe the Gospel.

The second conversation started in an interesting way.  A group of people were walking past, and one of them turned back, curious about the flip chart.  As he asked me questions, and I responded, the whole group of people stopped, and I had a mini open air going!  Sadly, the group quickly lost interest, and they all moved on… except one.

A young lady with a child in a pram wanted to engage, and we had a great conversation.  She seemed to know a lot about Christian things, and so I tested her by asking her why she would be going to heaven.  I was amazed when she responded with “I wouldn’t deserve to be in heaven”.  So I probed further by asking why she could, and she said: “because of what Jesus did for me on the cross”.

She seemed to believe, but sadly, it seems that she wasn’t willing to repent.  As our discussion progressed, we touched on some subjects that triggered her to put her shields up.

But we parted ways on good terms, which is good because later she came back wanting a tract and to continue chatting for a little longer.  She asked me if I gave away million dollar notes (which I did), because someone had given her one five years ago, and she still had it on her fridge today - that was very encouraging to hear!  But a tract on the fridge is no good, if it’s not read and responded to.

Sunday saw rain, but it stayed away while we were out - and it wasn’t cold.  A team of three had Gospel conversations in Cashel Mall and Cathedral Square.

Some of us had frustrating conversations, but some great ones were had as well.

I had three stand out conversations, one of which got started with: “excuse me, may I ask you a question, it’s a deep question”.  It turned out that one of the couple was an atheist and the other a Christian.  The Christian was keen to try the good person test, but the atheist wasn’t.  But as the discussion continued, the atheist started to feel challenged, and some great dialogue was had.  Both heard the law and Gospel, and were challenged to respond with repentance and faith (I had no idea where the Christian really stood).

The team enjoyed fellowship over coffee afterwards.  And I’ll be enjoying a day off tomorrow.  Praise God for rest.

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