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Thursday 6 June 2019

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On Thursday at Sunnybank there was a team of eight members at the outreach and this enabled as usual good converage of the area along both sides of the road. This meant that over the course of the afternoon many people heard of Christ and how they can be forgiven.

An early short conversation was with Mutrich who had a Muslim background and thought he would be fine on the day of judgement, then was shown God's law and realised that he was guilty but said that he'd be able to fix that by living a good life from now on. This was a conversation that lasted less than a minute until his bus arrived but it was a good reminder of the desperate state of the human heart as the day began.

Soon there was a guy named Gary who approached with his friend. His friend instantly said, "I don't want to talk, I'm a Methodist" but Gary happily engaged. He saw that God exists and therefore that we are guilty. He wanted a God who didn't judge and then a God who judged only the really bad people and then a God who would just forgive everyone despite them being bad. But Gary was trying every card he could to avoid his Hell punishment except look to the Saviour. Sadly he remained this way and rejected any offer of hope in the gospel. It wasn't a lengthy conversation either but he ended up leaving with a tract and encouraged to read it and reconsider.

There was an exciting conversation with Rick who had a JW family and had a few struggles to understand because of what his family has said but over the course of a conversation he seemed to understand the simple gospel. He did struggle a bit with its simplicity as he kept trying to add works to it. He too had to leave and was encouraged to read the tract and his Bible.

This was followed by a lengthy conversation with a man named James. To begin at the ending, James said, "I don't want to give up the life I'm living, I don't want to do it God's way". The conversation took almost an hour. James understood the gospel in the first fifteen minutes and it was reminded and reiterated over the course of the chat.

He at some stages was being silly. Willfully trying to misunderstand things that were being said. He was trying to defend his actions with simple arguments about freedom and how he should be able to live his way, instead of God's way. The conversation went on and he was warned seriously many times that to know the offer of forgiveness but to choose to reject Christ out of a desire to continue just to live however you want is the most foolish thing a person can do.

James heard and understood the warnings and at the end of the conversation was still firmly deciding to live in rebellion against the most powerful being in the universe.

Another brief yet valuable conversation was with Jonathan. He at first said, "Whatever you believe will happen to you after death". This was briefly challenged and he saw quickly that cannot be the case. Instead he then professed to be a Christian but thought it was his goodness that would be gaining him access to Heaven.

He was shown God's law and realised the desperate position that he is in and came to grasp the seriousness of getting the main message of Christianity wrong, He could spend eternity in Hell. When he was being asked about what he thought the way is and how he could be forgiven he threw out a few ideas which were addressed and shown as unable to save but there wasn't a chance to talk any further as he too had to leave.

Please be praying for Mutrich that he would read the tract and be humbled, coming to God's saviour. Please pray for Gary that he would stop avoiding reality with foolish ideas but acknowledge that God must punish sinners and therefore seek for God's offer of mercy. Please be praying that Rick would read his Bible and come to see God for who He has shown Himself to be! Please be praying for James that God would do whatever it takes to show him the foolishness of his choice and mercifully lead him to a repentant faith in Christ. Please also pray for Jonathan that he starts to value what God has said and instead of just going with the flow of this postmodern world would instead come to trust in Christ as His Lord and Saviour.

And why not pray for love so that you may seek to preach Christ to those who are perishing?

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