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Monday 24 June 2019

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On Tuesday in Woodridge the afternoon as always was exciting. There are two young men that over the past few weeks and months the team have had the privilege of working with. The first named Mckay has been on a journey from a cultish Church to the truth, the other named Joe who has recently been humbled by his own actions.

Mckay when he first spoke to the team believed that one must be baptised in order to get into Heaven. He was shown the scriptures on this issue and a few weeks later came back acknowledging that baptism is something a Christian will want to do but it isn't a requirement for forgiveness. Over the following weeks he will stop by and chat with the team and spend quite a while there. This past week upon encouragement to no longer attend a Church that was preaching a false gospel he took the risk, chatted to his parents and has started attending a Christian Church near his house!

Then at outreach this week for the first time, he joined the team in sharing the gospel! It has been a joy over the past months to see this slow transformation take place as he comes to read and study God's word more and come to grow in his love for Christ.

On the other hand, Joe spoke with the team first a month ago and had a decent chat. The following week he spoke to another team member and came to understand the gospel and was challenged. As you could read in the report a few weeks back his response was, "Wow, that's fantastic". Just last week he was checked on his understanding of the gospel and he still knew it and was given a gospel of John to start reading and was encouraged to attend a local Church. Due to his current circumstances he is unable to drive at the moment and lives in an awkward area so he struggles to get to a Church.

Thankfully this week a local Church contact was made and hopefully on Sunday morning Joe will be able to make it along to Church. Please be praying that this goes ahead and that Joe will get plugged into a local body! He has professed a faith in Christ and it will be exciting to see where this leads!

It isn't often that the team gets to see the fruit of their labour but it is a great privilege when we do!

The afternoon was filled with many other conversations including five people who heard and understood the gospel! One stand out was with Zac.

Zac said he wasn't religious and that he has rarely thought about death. He was shown why we know God exists and how this impacts our lives. He came to understand that because God is good and we are not we each deserve Hell. Zac understood and said it made sense. When asked the way to Heaven he didn't have any idea and thought we all just were going to end up in Hell. This was the perfect opportunity, with the realisation of how desperately we fail to show Zac the beauty of God's goodness and kindness.

At the beginning of the conversation Zac said he wasn't religious, at the end he was able to share back the simple message of the gospel and how it will change a persons life and said he would have to consider it. He took a tract and said he would take a read.

What an exciting afternoon. Praise God for His incredible kindness, love and patience that He would give those who were once His enemies the immense privilege of calling others into His family by the simple message of the gospel!

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