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Sunday 7 July 2019

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Showers of blessings marked our approach to the Point. With umbrellas on standby, we prayed and headed for the pier/jetty. The precipitation ceased as we began our outreach. Mainly, it seemed to be a day for heralding the truth and praying that an imperishable word, James 1:21, had been planted by the Holy Spirit. Continue to pray with us if you can:

     - for Luke, a man seeking to study the Scriptures who has present concerns about the 'here & now' such as 'what about those so many who have never heard God's good news?' - that he may be given the grace to believe and to learn to submit to the authority of Scriptures.

     - for Wayne who admits that the gospel makes sense but says he is not convinced - that the Lord would stir him to check it out.

     - for Jason, a Chinese man who was pleased to see our web address as he wants more information after hearing the good news - that God would grant him this and the gift of faith.  

     - for Andrea - that she will be restless until she finds her rest in Christ now that she knows she is not good and understands the gospel.

     - for Tom and Mikala that the Father would draw them to the Son.

     - give thanks to God for His Great Commission, Mt. 28:18-20, and that He would lead any converts to a Bible-believing Church for ongoing training in discipleship.

Glory to God in the highest! 



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