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Thursday 4 July 2019

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At Sunnybank a team of six were out again this afternoon and the results were conversations on both sides of the road, quite consistently over the course of the afternoon. It is really exciting to see that even in a location where it can often be hard to start conversations the team is still able to find people to chat with.

One stand out conversation was with Kaitlyn who had attended a Catholic school and knew a little of God but couldn't really formulate it. Over the course of a short fifteen minute conversation she came to understand the simple message of how a sinner can be forgiven and how that free gift of forgiveness will always result in a sinner wanting to honour Christ with their life.

There was also a young couple who were approached and the guy started to chat while his girlfriend took selfies. Sadly he was sure this his obedience would be required for his entrance into Heaven. He was shown that a gift cannot be accepted by works but by faith alone. He came to understand what Jesus had taught and was even able to explain it back but was adamant that he was going to be earning in part his entrance into Heaven. He was warned of the foolishness of believing in something different to what Jesus has to teach.

There were two final conversations with Alan and Andy who both came to understand the gospel. Andy was defiant saying that he wasn't willing to trust in Jesus because his family doesn't. He was challenged to consider the seriousness of this decision.

On the other hand Alan was very interested and accepted a gospel of John saying he would read it this week and that he wanted to trust in Christ today.

Please keep those who heard in your prayers.

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