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Wednesday 10 July 2019

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The school holidays have started in New Zealand.  And the first Gospel conversation, on Tuesday, was with five teens enjoying their break in Riccarton.  The conversation was facilitated with the flip chart.

Later, to my surprise, a Muslim lady, with her two young sons was keen to give the flip chart a try.  They took their religion seriously and so they were very engaged in the conversation.  The eldest of the boys (who I estimate was about seven or eight years old) asked some very challenging questions.  I was able to present the law and the Gospel, with a focus on how Jesus resolved both justice and mercy at the cross, and that we are saved by faith alone, and not by works.

Another conversation with a very engaged teenager was interrupted by a driver saying out their window: “don’t listen to him”.  This is very encouraging to me - that I’m becoming so well known in the area, that people feel the need to make a comment like that!  The young teen ignored the advice and stayed to hear the law and the Gospel, then ask questions.

Wednesday saw a change to the usual plan, I decided to join Kim of OAC in some door to door outreach in Kaiapoi (north of Christchurch).

Most of our time was spent at some retirement villas.  Evangelists often say that the older people are, the harder they are to reach (or the more closed they are).  In some ways, that might be true.  But all people are “dead in their trespasses and sins” and God can save the hardest people, through the power of the Gospel.  It’s our job to share the Gospel with all.

And we had some wonderful conversations, and were able to challenge some hard hearts.  One lady resisted the simple concept of creation being evidence of a creator.  Another couldn’t stand the concept of justice, insisting that God is only “love”.  Both happily received tracts to ponder in their own time.

And we had a real encouragement, a wonderful Baptist lady was very encouraged to know that we were going door to door, she almost started “preaching” at us at how important it was for Christians to share the Gospel message.  She was certainly preaching to the choir! Later we saw her again outside at a street crossing (pictured: she is crossing the road) - she gladly received tracts to distribute to those she came across.  If she can do it, so can you! :)

The final conversation of the outreach was not at a retirement villa, and a young lady was very open to a conversation.  But even after hearing of the law (that brings the knowledge of sin), and the Gospel, checking questions showed she had not grasped the concepts.  We did our best to continue to explain, but it just shows - young or old, all need God to open their eyes to see the glorious Gospel!

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