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Friday 26 July 2019

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On Friday night a team of eight made their way to the Gold Coast from various locations to share with people what God has done to save sinners.

Over the course of the evening many conversations were had and many people came to hear and understand the simple message of salvation, to the point that they could answer questions about it correctly!

One such conversation was with Hayden and Liz a couple from America who had some Christian background but little to no knowledge of the gospel and together they had basically rejected God for their own ideas of how they wanted to live. Over the conversation that came to see that their arguments against God were nothing more than an attempt to justify their desire for autonomy and they came to understand that they were in serious trouble, heading for a day of judgement when they will face God's perfect law and be found guilty.

Thankfully, there is a solution and they came to hear what God, in that He Himself came, as a man, lived a perfect life and died took the punishment sin deserves on a cross, offering forgiveness to be received by faith. Hayden and Liz were able to understand this and even in their own words able to explain the way to Heaven. Then the addition of how and why a Christian should live was raised and it wasn't too long until they have a basic and working understanding of the good news and how it will impact the lives of those who trust in Christ.

It was exciting to see them understand and the work of transformation is left in God's hands. Hayden had headed into "spirituality", using tarot cards and talking to spirits and Liz was just living however she thought was best with nothing specific in mind. They were both reminded of the seriousness of this decision, shown the folly of rejecting Christ and were challenged this day to choose who they would trust.

Over the course of the night a range of other conversations took place including at least six others who heard the good news and said that they would consider it, with varying levels of interested.

Please be praying that God would be working in the hearts of Hayden and Liz to draw them away from their sin driven pursuits to a saving relationship with their Creator!

Why not set aside some time next Friday and come on down?

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