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Friday 9 August 2019

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It has been pretty quiet on the streets of Warwick the past couple of weeks, still a steady amount of people are taking tracts. We have noticed that there are people who have already received tracts but still are taking more as we have different kinds of  Gospel tracts and booklets all with the clear message of salvation. We hope and pray that they are reading them and taking the message seriously.

When there is a opportunity we ask them a question to try to engage in conversation but some are workers and have limited time. So we know that God is doing a good work even when we don't have any conversations.

One lady that had received a tract a while back approached us briefly a few weeks ago and said she would be back to ask a question when she had her glasses with her. Well, she did come with her glasses and her question. She pulled out the "What will matter to you in 150 years" Gospel tract. She was agreeing in the first few lines that we are all sinners and that God will judge every thought and action and send us either to heaven or hell. And that the problem is that the standard to get to heaven is perfection.

She was in agreement in all this, as we were working our way through reading the tract...she had a problem with the line saying, simply trying to do better from now on won't undo our past. She was saying that her life changed when she believed in Jesus. I said that is good our life should change but our change in our life doesn't save us, so then I shared the Gospel to explain about salvation I got the Bible and we opened and looked to read Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 together, as she had her glasses I asked her if she would like to read. As she read I explained about receiving a gift, how you don't do anything for a gift you receive it. God's grace to save us is a gift and not of any change in our life or any works we have done in our past or future will save us so simply doing better won't undo your past. Only Jesus saves so no one can boast.

So we read what the tract was saying and she was seeming to understand. Hopefully we will get to see her and talk again to see how she is going and continue to point her to trust in Jesus and her salvation in and through Him alone. She is already involved at a church here in Warwick.

We had somewhat of a conversation with a gentleman who has been in the rodeo industry for many years from riding horses to transportation of the animals. When asked the question "will you go to heaven when you die?", he replied "yes" and told us that the Lord saved him.

He went on to tell us about a horse riding accident where he had so many bones broken in his body that he could have died and that is why he's driving a truck now. It sounded to us like he was talking about a physical saving. As we started taking him through the law he said he was from the Catholic Church and was declaring works righteousness. The whole time we were talking to him he was trying to edge away from us. He was friendly but he didn't seem to be very interested. As he left us he did say he would read the tract given to him. Please pray J would be convicted of his sin and that God's grace would draw him unto salvation.

All Honour and Glory to our God who reigns.

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