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Saturday 17 August 2019

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Otara Markets

Grace and Peace to you all in Christ, My friends, it has been some time since our last update; But the Lord's work has not been silent here, By His grace in the past few months God has blessed us here in Auckland at our outreaches, our usual times have been kept the same, with the added venue being the Mangere markets, which has been a great spot where there is much foot traffic during it's opening hours. 

Last weekend we were back at Otara, there were 5 of us on this day, Alfie & Elsie, Joseph, Elijah and myself, it had been about a month since we had been there, and the Lord had blessed our time, we setup at our usual spot in the walkway with our literature stand and flip chart and it wasn't too long where I had a group of approx 8 youths who stopped to go through the chart, in the beginning we went through the first few pages but as we got more into it things began to get more serious as they realized that because of their sins God must be just and punish sin.

You see these were troubled youths, and so by God's grace we were able to talk through this area of the justice of God, of God being a good judge, relating this to the court system that we have here in this country which they seemed to know well, and that they were needing reconciliation and redemption through the Lord Jesus, that only the Judge could save them, Please pray for these young people. They along with many others took our Op513 tracts, Pastor Alfie and brother Elijah were on the other side of the shopping center where they had an opportunity to open air preach, Pastor Alfie was met with some opposition by an aggressive man who wanted to pay him 20 cents to stop but it was short lived and he was able to continue to preach, there was a good number of foot traffic there as well so please pray that the Lord would save and raise up more workers from this area who truly know the Lord.

We have a problem here in South Auckland, the problem is that we have too many church buildings with no Church inside. In the words of Paul Washer speaking of "American Christianity"  - "They are not gospel hardened they are gospel ignorant" This is also true here. God have mercy on us.



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Auckland (NZ) Team

Meets for outreach every fortnight at the Otara flea market in South Auckland and once every 2 months we go to Queen Street on Friday nights. We also have a weekly open air outreach every Wednesday's at lunch time located at Albert Park, Speakers corner in Auckland City.

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