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Tuesday 3 September 2019

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Sept 3, 2019 Toowong Village
We had Kenneth Chan from Power to Change joining us this afternoon for the first time. So altogether we had 5 street Evangelists today including Johnny Hsieh, Lily Tam, Chi Ming Lim and Hung Kwan. Kiateck was taking sick leave again.

I teamed up with Kenneth, he chose to stay with me. It proved to be an ideal kind of team work. All those who stopped by the Spirit to chat with me were mostly UQ students, After listening to my sharing, I referred them to connect with Power To Change through Kenneth. It paved the way for effective follow up.

Because of taking some time to run between the two street evangelism spots for photo taking of the other teams, I only have four complete conversation as recap below: -

1) Jacky Wu from Beijing, who has some previous contact with Christians and heard the Gospel before, but found my sharing very convincing that urged him to take a serious thought to accept Christ. I gave him additional EE3 gospel booklet with a more full scale gospel sharing. Pray that he will make this step of faith soon and get connected with Kenneth to join Power to Change.

2) Stephania and her family have already migrated to Australia from Vietnam. She stopped willingly to listen to my gospel sharing initially with skepticism possibly because of her Buddhist background. But eventually she felt convinced that the way Christ died for us to take punishment of sin on our behalf is sensible and logical. Again I connected her right away with Kenneth for future followup.

3) Ali from Afghanistan is of Muslim family background, but he appeared very open minded to the gospel sharing and were convinced of the redemptive method of Jesus dying on the cross to pay for the punishment of our sin. He was willing to read the tract at home and was encouraged to make his own decision to accept Jesus or not. Again I referred him to connect with Power to Change through Kenneth. Pray that all above divine appointments will bear fruits in His time.

4) Finally, I caught up with an Aussie lady Cheryl. She was nice and kind to stop for a chat despite she was in a hurry to get back to work. She appeared to have no professing faith but again was very receptive to what I shared.

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