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Tuesday 1 October 2019

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On Tuesday afternoon at Woodridge the most amazing thing happened! The first young lady, Phoebe, was approached and she was playing on her phone. She heard the question and said, "Just a moment, I shall turn my data off so that I don't get distracted because I know this is important". She then proceeded over the next twenty minutes to come to hear and understand the way to Heaven. Despite her church attendance most of her life she still was thinking that it was her goodness that would be gaining her access to Heaven.

After the conversation she was able to share back the way to Heaven and was encouraged this day to start reading her Bible. She was so thankful for the chat and said she really needed to hear it! Praise God for preparing a heart, prior to the conversation!

A more comical conversation was with Kingsley. Early into the conversation he apologised for struggling to comprehend because he was currently high. Although it had made him slower in his comprehension it hadn't seemed to stop him from understanding with a little extra help so the gospel was shared and Kingsley came to understand the way to Heaven. He was challenged to count the cost, seeing the serious changes believing that Jesus had paid for his sin would cause in his life and Kingsley was left with a tract to ponder what decision he would make.

The afternoon was so full of conversations, Fuddy, Danielle and Brandon all came to understand the way to Heaven without much argument but the final conversation of the afternoon was extremely exciting because it was a great reminder of the value of street evangelism.

Dani mentioned that she had Christian relatives and that she avoids talking to them about any topics in this area because she doesn't want to get into an argument or to cause any upset but she said, "I am happy to chat with you because there is less at stake". It was exciting that she was open and honest and the conversation flowed well. Dani came to see that the Christian message is one of universal guilt, that no one is right in the sight of God but that it is also the universal offer of forgiveness, that all who will come in faith, that Jesus has paid for their sin on the cross are made right in the sight of God.

It was beautiful to see that Dani was now able to understand the simple message of the cross and was left with the serious choice, to change her mind about what she was currently believing and instead to trust only in Jesus to pay for her sin.

Praise God for providing such wonderful opportunities and may He continue to provide many more!

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