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Thursday 3 October 2019

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Thursday afternoon at Sunnybank saw a team of five out the proclaim the good news of salvation to anyone willing to listen. With school and university being on holidays there was a little less foot traffic around but that was okay as the afternoon seemed pretty consistent and those spread out across area had plenty of conversations each.

An early conversation took place with a young man, Jason, who has previously spoken to the team, shared that he has trusted that Jesus has paid for his sin and has started reading his Bible. He hasn't started attending a local Church so he was encouraged to do that and to encourage him in that to read the book of Acts to see how the early Christians lived. Please be praying that Jason would be able to find a church and start regularly attending there.

There were seven specific conversations in which people who at first rejected God's existence came to see why we know He exists, based on creation needing a Creator before their bus arrived. A further eight came to see their guilt, that they were heading to Hell and were left with the tract and the seriousness of their predicament before they too hopped on their bus.

But there were three stand out conversations, the first is Camila. She is a young lady from China who early in the conversation took it on an unexpected tangent. She said, "I am going to tell you a secret, since I was about eight years old I have felt like life has no purpose and I have no reason to be here. I haven't really told anyone." She seemed totally dead inside. Sadly there wasn't time to share good news with her as her bus arrived but please be praying for another encounter where she may have the chance to hear the hope found in Christ!

An exciting conversation late in the afternoon was with Jing who came to grasp the bad news followed by the simple gospel and how those who trust that Christ have paid for their sin will enter Heaven and this free gift will cause a drastic change of life in love for God. Jing saw the seriousness and said that he would have to consider what was shared as it was new to him. Please be praying that Jing would heed this good news and trust in Christ, turning from his sin today!

The afternoon was also finished off with a young man who was quite knowledgeable but also sometimes intellectually dishonest about why he believed certain things. He too came to grasp the gospel and was challenged with the reality that without Christ he would end up in Hell eternally.

Please be praying for all those who heard the good news, the bad news or even came to grasp God's existence that God would be working in their hearts to draw them to Himself!

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