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Sunday 10 November 2019

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Saturday saw the sixth annual Tell Me Conference happen!  It was a real blessing to have people come to hear Ryan Hemelaar, Evangelist with Operation 513 in Brisbane speak on common gospel analogies he uses in witnessing conversations, Nick Clevely, Elder of Covenant Grace Baptist Church in Timaru speak on the doctrine of repentance, and Phil Johnson of Grace to You answering various questions.

After the conference, many of those who attended also joined in on an afternoon outreach in the city.  We started with an open air gospel presentation using trivia, and giving away money to draw a crowd and give an illustration of the gift of salvation found in the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.  I was pretty nervous with all the people watching, and wanting to give a good example.  It could have gone better, but I made it through.  The lady who offered to go for the five dollar note was a good sport, in spite of the fact that she was uncomfortable.  We shook hands afterwards.

Matt also preached, and one of the attendees of the conference also had a go!

After this, we moved to Cashel Mall and spread out to share tracts, use flip charts, and pair up for one to one gospel conversations.  There were so many Christians in the mall that the people walking through were getting approached multiple times!  So wonderful to see.  Many tracts were distributed, and it was wonderful to look down the mall and see many gospel conversations happening.  For all those first timers - well done!

It was also wonderful to see my own daughters freshly inspired to share the gospel with the lost!  They paired up with others and were boldly offering tracts to passers by, in spite of their fears.

A team of eight also gathered for the Sunday afternoon outreach in Cashel Mall.  Light rain did not damper the enthusiasm of the team.  Again we paired up, those with experience mentoring those with less (my daughters!)

I was very proud to watch my youngest daughter start a gospel conversation via a flip chart for the first time (with assistance from Thomas) - pictured.  I was also very encouraged to hear that my other two daughters had also been bold enough to start gospel conversations.  Well done!

Thank you to all those involved with the Tell Me Conference.  May Christians continue to be encouraged and equipped for spreading the good news of Jesus' sacrifice for sins to all those that need to hear it (everyone!).

God bless you as you step out and faithfully and lovingly share of the hope within you wherever you are!

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