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Tuesday 19 November 2019

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Battle Log of Toowong Village on 2019 Nov 19 1330 to 1500

The Schoolie Outreach has impact in many other regular Outreach in Brisbane, but not Toowong. Today we even had a new member Gary together with other 4 regular members, Johnny, Col, Winnie and Hung.

In fact our outreach here has been adversely affected by the finishing of academic term of UQ so we readily could meet much less UQ students.

Anyhow, individual member still had enough grace to get significant divine appointments to do His work. Winnie came back after two weeks break from family travelling. She only got one opportunity to share with the "Good Person" flip chart. But I encouraged her to submit to God's sovereign task assignment and took this as a lesson to have patience and to submit to God's plan. Gary had got a number of chances that were good enough to serve as encouragement for first timers. Like-wise both Col and Johnny had got good number of divine appointments especially Col.

As for me, I still got 5 chats despite I kept walking around to take pictures for other team mates for the sake of compilation of Battle Log.
This was a great team Work for the Glory of God sake.

1) Peter an Aussie Christian who rode bike to work but was willing to stop to chat with me. Once he declared he is a Christian, I ask him the two diagnosis questions. He was unsure initially. But once I gave him some hint and three options , 50%, 90% and 100%, than he picked the right answer of 100% assurance of salvation. In this connection, I felt the need to give him some apologetic clarification on the three folds salvation package of God.

2) Stephanie an UQ student from Wales was in her folk costume. She does not have any faith, but was very responsive to listen to my Gospel sharing and ended up fully convinced of the need to receive Christ as her Savior to take her place for the eternal death punishment. I encouraged her to take time to quiet before God seeking for His guidance to be saved through Christ. I referred her to seek support from Power to Change.

3) Joe an atheist who sternly rejected my tract. But he did not reject me to share. So I had a good debate with him in a very healthy and assertive manner. Despite he was still hard in his heart but at least he heard my version about faith and salvation and I believe God grace is sufficient to convert him eventually in His time.

4) Star and Tea are UQ students from Thailand. So they possibly are Buddhists. They showed initial impatience but God still moved them to stop for a short while long enough for me to share the nutshell of the gospel and they left with tracts taken home.

5) Jabe a Qut student from Hong Kong coming to do part time work at Toowong Village. He walked with a non -believer friend but his friend left when Jabe chose to stop to chat with me. It was found out he is a Christian baptized as a baby. His knowledge about the Bible and the doctrine of salvation is completely weak. I gave him a briefing and helped him to re-establish the correct understanding of salvation with full assurance. I also encouraged him to go back to church or at least to get connected with Power to Change at QUT first.

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