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Friday 22 November 2019

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God has continued to be generous to us in the outreach to Hobart. Over the last couple of weeks there have been some fantastic conversations and the response to the preaching has been encouraging.

In the preaching there is always people who take exception to the word of God been preached, but praise God there are also people who love to hear. There have been people trying to stop the preaching with threats and complaints. Some of these are old hecklers (Mr S.) and there are some new ones too. God is generous to us though, there has been protection around the team and I and the preaching continues.

I wont dwell on the difficulties though, there have been numerous people coming to engage with the team. A selection of them:

Mr O. – A high school student here in Hobart who regularly comes with friendly questions or rebuttals to my preaching. It has been a real refreshment to have him coming over the last year. He is willing to listen and will clearly and logically lay out his perspective and listen to my responses thoughtfully. He is a spiritual guy with an interest in Quakerism. He spoke to me about what he described as “a real presence” when he was at his final grade assembly recently. As we talked about this and other spiritual matters it occurred to me that God is moving in this young man’s life. So, as he was leaving I recommended he consider the poem “The Hound of Heaven” by Francis Thomson.

Mr O. – A high school student from a local catholic school who has been coming for some time to listen to the preaching and conversations. His first question to me was “Can Roman Catholics be saved?”. I responded that yes, they can if they are trusting in Christ for salvation and not the Roman church. We then went on to talk about the eternal fate of unbelieving friends and people from other religions. He wanted to know if they would be saved? Scripture says that no they cannot unless they repent of unbelief or belief in other gods and put their trust in Jesus. Under all this was a deeper question about Mr O.’s grandfather who had recently passed away. Keiron spoke with him at length about this and prayed with him.

Mr B. – Has been coming for some time now on and off. He has previously varied in his view of the witnessing in the mall. He began to be more open to Christian things since investigating Gnosticism, God moves in mysterious ways. We now have a lot of agreement between us regarding what is preached and spoken about in the mall. Mr B says he is aghast at the state of society, particularly the porn epidemic, abortion, and effeminacy in men. Several of his friends have also come to visit and have stayed listening to some of the preaching. Mr B. has also had long discussions with Mr S. my old heckler and looked at the video’s Mr S. posted online. He noted to me the anger, inconsistency and distortions present in many of those videos. Encouragingly Mr B. is keen to continue coming to listen to the preaching and wants to visit Cornerstone Church.

Two catholic guys – After I finished preaching one day two guys came up and wanted to encourage me to continue preaching. They also said they have seen the team in town for some time now and that they liked what we say as a team and that the work of the team is courageous. A couple of times since then they have given me the thumbs up as I have been preaching.

Praise God for encouragements and opportunities!

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