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Sunday 20 July 2008

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Chris handing out tracts

Chris, Alistair and Warren joined me for the Redcliffe team on Sunday. It was good to have Warren back, after his mission trip to various north Queensland aboriginal towns. Firstly, we prayed and then head down the Jetty handing out gospel tracts to everyone we met.

I had a conversation with an eldery man who was a pantheist - a person who believes everything is God. So I asked him what evidence did he have to back up his belief. He said, "You need to get out of realm science, knowledge, and reason and empty your mind and the truth will come to you". So I said, "You are telling me that I should forsake believing in things I have good reasons for by getting out of the realm of science, knowledge, and reason, and enter the realm of fairy tales?" He proceeded to say that he has a good feeling that his belief is true. I pointed out that I've spoken to many people who also claim to have these same feelings and they say something totally contradictory to you. Who can we believe?

So then I provided logical reasons as to why pantheism is false. Such as, if God is everything, and since we know the universe had a beginning, God must have not existed at some point. But that is impossible because then God would have to exist (to create the universe) before he existed. That's self-contradictory.

He said, "We are all made in the image of God. So if we are made in God's image, then we must be God." So I responded, "That does not make sense. Firstly, Adam and Eve were made in the image of God, not us (because of the fall we cannot say we are exactly God's image). Secondly, just because I make something to look like me, it does not logically follow that that thing becomes me."

So I proceeded to talk about our sinful nature and that we have all sinned and deserve God's wrath. He did not like that concept. He didn't think he was a sinner and refused to admit he had broken any of God's law. He admitted he just picks and chooses what parts of the Bible he will accept. He said, "One day you'll wake up to your divine nature and realise you are already in Heaven." I made it clear to the man that if he does not repent and trust Christ alone for salvation he will suffer the wrath of God in Hell. Please pray for this man, as he seems to be totally deceived.

Many seeds of the gospel went out on Sunday, to God be the glory!

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