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Saturday 7 December 2019

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This Saturday, the weather was great and pleasant. There were many people out in the Melbourne city to enjoy the weather and the Christmas decorations in the city. 

As usual we gathered at Starbucks and shared the word and prayed together before the evangelism. By God’s grace seven of us came out for evangelism.  

There were many interesting conversations. We met with three teenage boys; they claimed themselves to be atheist and do not believe in GOD. So, we asked simple apologetic questions like 'how we know that there are builders for the buildings and painter for the painting etc.', and surprisingly they responded positively to the questions and started to show interest in the conversation. The Gospel was shared and they understood the need of saviour for their sinful and dead state. One of the guys seemed quite offended and did not like the truth that we are sinful man heading to hell. However, it was quite clear that he was convinced and started to struggle whether this Gospel is ‘real’. 

We also had exciting conversations with Muslims. One of them was Sam. Sam was from Iran and he came to Melbourne with a working holiday visa. We started by telling him how Jesus in the Quran and Jesus in the Bible seems like similar person, but it is very different in essence, and we shared about the necessity of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection and deity of Christ Jesus. Although some Muslims looked uncomfortable with idea Jesus being ‘GOD’ they seemed challenged with the message of good news.

Lastly, there was a person who seemed bit drunk or drug affected. When we approached him and started the conversation he said that he is a really bad person and that it seems like he will never be able to go to heaven. It seemed like he was really broken inside and did not see any hope for his sinful state so we shared that Jesus came for who came for the sick who sees the need for the doctor, that Jesus came to call the sinners not those who thinks they are righteous (Mark 2:17). We forgot his name but please remember him in prayer. 

Overall, all seven of us had really good encounters. Praise Jesus for using unworthy servants like us! Please pray for those people who heard the gospel so that they may repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ. And please join us for evangelism as it is Christmas season, such a good season to start up the conversation about Jesus Christ. 


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