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Sunday 22 December 2019

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To save you having to wait, let me tell you now that at the end we went home rejoicing! Think about it. What could be a better way to serve Him than asking for grace to glorify Him as we thankfully obey Him and then experiencing that grace as we tell forth His great good news? However, we have limits and we ask for prayer for Lee-Anne as she seeks healing for a pain. 

     Our 2 ladies had 2 highlights to share with us:

        - about 8 young adults heard God's standard of righteousness per the 10 commandments. They were able to see how desperately they needed the Lord Jesus alone "to save them from their sins" (- Mt. 1:21 part of the revelation dealing with Jesus miraculous conception)...

          - S. & S., a young couple, ended up agreeing that  this was God's appointed rendezvous. She received a Bible and what a wonderful Christmas present if they receive Jesus, Jn. 1:12,13 (A. W. Pink comments that receiveas used here has the connotation of saving faith). 

Fynn was treated to taking 2 of his former school acquaintances, L. & S., through the flip chart. They had heard the gospel previously from Fynn, but 'shelved' it. How blessed they were to hear it again - while they still have time to respond - favorably, we pray.

  As we were preparing to close in prayer, a man and 2 teenaged daughters started looking at the flip chart by themselves. Fynn returned and escorted them through. At the presentation of the consequence of their sin was hell unless... the man said it was a nice story as they walked away." Where can I flee from Thy Spirit??? "

In general, many received tracts and most were 'extra' polite.

Thank you Lord for equipping us and using us for Your glory and we humbly ask that you would continue to build Your church against which the gates of Hades cannot prevail - as You have promised- You cannot lie!



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