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Saturday 4 January 2020

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On Saturday at the outreach, our team was joined by a Christian brother and his family from Ipswich.  This was a great encouragement for us.  Together we distributed a large number of Gospel tracts, as well as several Bibles, Gospels, and other booklets.  It was a privilege to be able to stand together for the furtherance of Christ’s kingdom in this country, and we pray for the freedom to continue to do so.

  Several conversations were held during the course of the afternoon, with both individuals and groups.  Two groups of young people went through the Good Person flip chart and took tracts.

  An elderly gentleman we had spoken to last year stopped by in his motor scooter for a chat.  We were able to present the Gospel to him, and he shared stories from his life, which opened up further opportunities to talk about God.  He has had a very difficult life, full of pain and trouble, but even now the Lord can soften his heart and lead him to the place where He shall “wipe all tears from their eyes.”

  One youngster came alone to the flip chart and was honest and open about his sin.  He understood he would have to pay the price for his lawbreaking.  In the distance however, his friends were calling him to come away.  He stayed long enough to hear the full Gospel before he re-joined his friends.

  David from Burkina Faso was hardened and angry against God.  He bitterly said that all he wanted us to pray for was freedom for his country, because the British had stolen their liberty.  We also pray that the Lord would free him from his spiritual blindness.

  At our last outreach, we met a retired man who said he wouldn’t read anything we had, that he wasn’t a big reader.  So this month we gave him a Christian DVD which he took and promised to watch.  We pray this will play a part in opening his eyes to the truth of the Gospel.

  As we were about to finish up, an older JW couple tried to convince us that they believe the same thing we believe, we’re on the same path, we’re going to the same place.  With open Bible, Michael showed Rodney how different their belief was, how dangerously different from what the Bible teaches.  To be converted, one must believe in the person and work of Christ, but the Jesus they believe in is simply not the Jesus of the Bible.  They denied the Trinity and believed that Jesus is a (created) kind of lesser-god.

  While this conversation was happening, another team member engaged with his Filipino wife, Francis.  Over and over again, the conversation was brought back to the most serious question—how can a person be made right with God?  What must one do to be saved?  Her answer was that you must have faith and follow in obedience, follow the regulations, work.  Everything she said took away from the perfect and complete work of Christ.  When she was asked what must a dying person do to be saved, she shrugged and said that was up to God.  A person must not only work to get saved, she said, but they also need to work to stay saved.  How sad to think that these people have no firm eternal hope!  Yet this is what JW doctrine teaches people.  How much sweeter and purer is the Gospel which says that Christ had paid all, once and for all!  Please pray for Rodney and Francis' conversion.  They have been tragically deceived by this false teaching, but may they begin to see the light of the Gospel.

  Please pray for conversions from this outreach.  May lives be changed, may Christ’s kingdom grow, and may a new awakening begin right here at Bribie Island.

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