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Saturday 1 February 2020

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We were a team of four from Covenant Grace Baptist Church in Timaru who went to our neighboring town of Temuka to help evangelise there. We met & prayed together at Temuka Baptist, before heading into the main street.

My friend and I talked to several people. The first was a young Asian woman, and despite a slight language barrier, my friend seemed to be able to communicate a clear gospel message to her.

Next we spoke to a young American tourist (Evan) for almost an hour. We tag teamed our way through the conversation and Evan was open to discuss and think about what we talked about. He admitted that despite a Christian influence in the past (family), that he has not and seemed not ready to submit and commit himself to Christ yet. He did seem moved by the conversation and thanked us for talking with him. He also left with a couple of tracts. Please pray for Evan.

Our last conversation was with an older gentleman who identified himself as a Catholic and no matter how I tried to keep the conversation Gospel centred, he just jumped all over the place in terms of topics, with little to no logical connection. He refused any tracts.

The rest of our team also had thought provoking conversations. 

We aim to do evangelism in Temuka every Saturday for the next few months. Thus continued prayers are appreciated. Thanks.






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