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Tuesday 4 February 2020

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Battle Log for Toowong Village for Tuesday February 4th , 2020 from 1330 to 1500

This was a day of contrasts :
1) From extreme scorching hot to 36C yesterday dropping down to 24C today with good breeze in the noon time which made our street evangelism much pleasant;

2) Team size further dropped from 5 to 3 today because of members are bounded for 2 weeks self isolation at home, but the works of God could still be visualized despite of short of hand. So with Col, Hung and Yuen Hang, we all have less but still very significant divine appointment. This is a typical way of God, using small team to do His great work like Gideon.

3) From strong rejections by many earlier approaches to a full receptive and fruit bearing contact at the end signifying the sovereign almighty work of God despite of external situations.

Recap below is my divine appointment accounts : -

1) Spanish Mun and daughter who appeared not English speaking but still took a tract from me as well as answering short chat with Col later.

2) I went to the bus stop and sat down with a young lady. She quickly fence off my approach asking if I was going to share about God which she rejects utterly after bad experience of being Christian once. I managed to get the conversation on by putting aside the issue if God exists as it is something beyond rational proof. I kept stressing the problem of us the human being who keep sinning that will lead to grave consequence of eternal death punishment. Anyhow, this strong atheist still rejected to chat on any issue she considered religious. She even resort to keep me at a distance by removing herself to wait for the bus at the bus stop sign instead of the covered seat waiting area. This was possibly the strongest gesture of rejection I have ever encountered which was very discouraging. Anyhow, I learned later God just wanted me to see a great contrast of positive and fruitful approach at the end of our Street evangelism hours.

3) A Philippine lady took my tract and was prepared to chat but chance aborted by the immediate arrival of her bus.

4) After wondering around for a while to look for gospel target, God let me to bump in with the Malaysian Old man Mr Han I met two weeks ago on 14/1 at the very last moment of our ministry hour. He was visiting relative with his wife, yet he still has not yet gone to the church I recommended. Obviously he has been living his life as a nominal Christian not attending church regularly even at home in Malaysia. My friendly reminder anyway may serve as a catalyst to push him closer back to church during his stay in Brisbane.

5) Jerry Hsu徐from Wuxi 無鍚Jiang Su is an IT Student of UQ. He was approached by Col first but was quickly referred to me to communicate better in Mandarin. His heart was so soften that he willingly chatted with me over 40 minutes neglecting the coming and going of bus. He was ready to receive Christ and I referred him to connect with P2C then the churches. Col and I reckoned, this was an extraordinary exhibition of God's power in an adverse situation giving us this rare good quality outreach we ever have in this Toowong Outreach harvest field that have been characterized by short gospel chatting opportunities being cut in short fragmented time slot because of the frequent bus traffic. All glory be to God in all Street Evangelism ministry encounter.

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