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Wednesday 12 February 2020

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On Tuesday the team split into smaller teams and spread out across Yangon to share the gospel, in conjunction with our local Christian translators. My team was at Sule Park. Unfortunately the park was closed as preparations were occurring for an event the following day. This didn’t hinder us, as there were many people on the streets for us to talk with.

I had lots of gospel conversations with people, with the help of my wonderful translator: Joshua. Some of them didn’t go well, some of them did. But something that I noticed was that other people would stop and listen to the words of life from a distance. At one point, as I was sharing with two young men on the sidewalk, a taxi pulled up beside us, and started listening. He interrupted to tell me, in broken English, that he was a Christian. I smiled and acknowledged him, but kept my attention on the two I was talking to. A few minutes later, he hopped out of his car, came up to me and gave me a cross - he said it was a gift for me. I was a bit confused, but I thanked him. He smiled, hopped back into his car and drove off.

The two guys I was talking to were actually part of the highlight conversation of the day. It was just after lunch, and the conversation went for nearly an hour. They said they were Christians, and so I asked them to tell me what I needed to do to go to heaven. They didn’t seem to know. So I asked if I could explain what I would tell someone if they wanted to know how to go to heaven. They were happy for me to do that, and so I took them through the mini flip chart and clearly explained the gospel to them. It seemed like it was the first time they had truly put the whole message together. They seemed very challenged and gladly received follow up tracts.

Today (Wednesday) the whole team was at Inya Lake sharing the gospel with many.

Again, the highlight conversation for me was just after lunch. A group of six people were happy to talk with me about the deep questions of life. They were very engaged, asking some difficult questions. But some of them seemed very challenged - understanding the logic of the free gift of forgiveness through faith in Jesus, and yet understanding the cost of accepting that gift, including letting go of Buddhism. After a long conversation, they all took copies of the gospel of John.

The local Christians we are working with are wonderful! It is an absolute privilege to be able to labour, in the gospel, alongside them.

Thank you for your prayers for this mission.

Oh, PS, this is encouraging. Andy’s translator from Tuesday had a very encouraging testimony. The last time the team was in Myanmar was last September. One of the conversations from that trip resulted in a Muslim girl being receptive and appreciative of hearing the gospel. She came to church and was impacted by the love and witness of those that believe in the gospel. She worked through the cost and put her faith in Jesus shortly after - even in light of her family not being supportive. About a month ago she was baptised, and is giving true evidence of the grace of God in her life, in spite of her struggles. How encouraging is that! All glory to God!

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