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Friday 21 February 2020

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This last Friday in the Hobart mall we had a wonderful time ministering for the Lord. The weather has been fine which always helps with gathering a crowd and encouraging people to stop and talk. A number of repeat visitors came to speak with the team:

Mr. O – a catholic student who has come repeatedly to encourage us in the face of opposition and to show solidarity on the issues that we agree on. He and I have a number of things that we disagree on but the debates are always congenial and end on a positive note.

Mr. B – a repeat visitor who has had many challenges over the years. He came to encourage us and to talk and be (I hope) encouraged as we share life together. In the face of many challenges God is moving Mr. B towards an affection for Christ and we continue to share Christ with him and pray for him.

Mr. M – an Italian gentleman who comes frequently to the mall to listen to the preaching. There are many different questions he brings and this week the consideration was geostationary satellites. He stayed to listen to the gospel preached and spoke with us a little afterwards.

Older gentleman – stood listening while I preached the gospel and afterwards when I approached him asking what he thought of the gospel preaching he simply said, “You preach it well brother.” I thanked him for the encouragement and after talking with him said farewell with, “God bless you brother.”

There were many opportunities to preach and pray and read the Word over the course of the afternoon and even when there were atheists using the area there were friends stopping by to fellowship and pray with us. So, God blessed us when there was time to speak at speaker’s corner and when there was no time to speak.

There are some who have treasured the hope that the preaching in the mall will be stopped. Days like today make me confident that God will continue to bless His people and add to His people regardless what form outreach in Hobart takes into the future. It matters not how the Word goes out, the gospel will conquer the world and draw countless people to Christ our Lord.

Praise to God in the highest!

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