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Sunday 10 May 2020

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Oh, it’s Battle Log time again.  My, how time flies.  A wonderful weekend of gospel outreach!

I spent four hours on Saturday morning, and I know the team in Aussie was on for at least four hours in the afternoon.

I was very encouraged to have three others with me right at the start.  Rob from Canada, Daniel from Christchurch, NZ, and someone new… and it turned out this person was from Mumbai in India!  It turns out that he was in a FB apologetics group - one that Grace had also been in.  Grace had told the group about the online outreach we were doing, and so this guy, Sherry, turned up.  Very, very encouraging.  Apologetics is great, but if it’s not connected to sharing the gospel, what’s the point?  Please continue to pray that more Christians will continue to hear about the online outreach, and get involved.

So I had intentions of taking notes of my gospel conversations, but I ended up being so busy discussing the conversations and answering questions of the team, between times, that it just didn’t happen.

Right at the beginning of the outreach, Omegle was having some technical problems, and I wasn’t able to get connected to anyone, but it wasn’t long before things were back to normal and I was into a conversation with a guy from Dubai.  When he found out I was from NZ he steered the conversation to the Lord of the Rings - something he was passionate about!  But I was able to steer the conversation to God's law.  Sadly, he bailed before hearing the gospel.

But I had some wonderful conversations.  There were a couple of girls in Palestine, who had a Christian background, but who weren’t clear on the gospel.  It was a difficult conversation because of bad feedback.  But I persisted, and one of the girls thanked me at the end, she said she needed to hear it.

And I had two people from the US (separate conversations) who knew of Christian things, one of them even went to church, but they thought their goodness would get them to heaven.  And I had the joy of being able to share the gospel and have them come to understand it.  I now enjoy asking people this: “So, at the start of this conversation, what were you trusting in to get to heaven?”, and they would say, “my good deeds”.  And then I will say: “So now that we have had this conversation, what do you now understand you need to trust in to get to heaven?”.  And they will articulate the gospel: “that Jesus died on the cross to pay my hell fine” (or something similar).  I will then challenge them to actually do that!

It’s such a joy to be able to do this as a full time job, my deepest thanks to Operation 513 for the support, and specifically to those that are donating to Operation 513 to make that happen.  Thank you!  And also to those that are praying, and supporting in other ways.  We can’t do this alone - we are a team!  Yet, we all have a responsibility to share this wonderful gospel - get encouraged and equipped to do so, consider joining an online outreach - you will be very welcome.

The Sunday afternoon outreach was as wonderful as ever.  Great to see so many new faces.  I was late!  I was taking an afternoon nap, and it was my eldest daughter Haley who woke me to see if we were still doing outreach.  Thanks Haley!  And it was great to have Haley with me for this outreach too.  She was able to share the whole law and the gospel in a conversation today, and she did really well!  She was nervous, but the practice we had been doing as a family kicked in, and I was there for support.

But before we split up into pairs, Bekk did a demo to the whole team.  She did a wonderful job of getting a false convert (most likely) to understand the gospel.  All glory to God.

Haley & I were paired up with Matt, and he had a long and wonderful conversation with a very smart young man from the States, who was a PK (pictured) who had rejected God.  It was a bit of a battle of the titans, yet Matt was very gracious with this guy.  And a couple of times, the guy was willing to concede that Matt had made some good points.  Matt succeeded to get to the heart of the guy's rejection of the obvious - his love of sin.  Haley and I were praying while we were watching.  I just kept thinking of this guy's parents, who were most likely praying daily for his salvation.  He never heard the gospel, as he wasn’t open to it.  But we just pray that the logic and the law would cut deep.  That he would be challenged to actually pick up and read the book he derided and that God’s word would strike true.  That he would open up to, hear and understand the gospel - and be saved.

We give all the glory to God for the opportunities to share His gospel, and for any fruit from the weekends effort.  May His kingdom come.

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