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Tuesday 19 May 2020

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On Tuesday afternoon the team had a wonderful outreach! It started with two good conversations on the live stream and was continued with another ten or so after that! (All conversations are good conversations).

One sad but enlightening moment was an early conversation with a young man who had rejected God's existence. Then he was shown the building builder analogy and the moment he comprehended it he disconnected. The truth was too strong and he ran! But this was followed by a conversation with Sarah.

Sarah was going through confirmation with the Catholic church and due to this struggled for more than an hour to comprehend the gospel! She kept popping her works into her justification. At the end she finally seemed to grasp that she deserves Hell and that there is nothing she has to offer God that could make her worthy it was finally then when she was able to understand why Jesus had to die.

A following conversation was with a young man named Andrew he grasped the gospel more quickly but his struggled was that he desired to live his own way still. Not as explicitly as many people but it was still quite strong. He saw that trusting that Jesus had paid for his sin was free and going to Heaven is free but when he comprhended the life that would result he seemed pretty keen to keep living his own way. It was sad to watch and he was warned about the seriousness of his choice and was left with a decision to make.

The following conversation was with two girls who were professing Christians but also hadn't grasped the gospel previously. They thought it was their goodness that was getting them into Heaven and were hoping that asking for forgiveness would be enough to get them out of Hell. One girl grasped it and a big smile shot across her face. The other girl took a while longer but she too came to understand. But neither of them seemed drastically moved by the gospel. Their comprehension seemed to arrive but that didn't spark the joy you would expect. They ultimately got a little bored with the conversation and disconnected a few minutes later.

Please be praying that these girls were just tired as it was the early hours of the morning where they are. Please be praying that Andrew would see the seriousness of this decision and trust in Christ this day for the forgiveness of his sins and may Sarah no longer love the teaching at the Catholic church and find a church that will seek to teach her, God's word not the doctrines of man.

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