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Thursday 21 May 2020

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Thursday was a wonderful day of witnessing with on Omegle!

The team had many good conversations and here is a quick snippet of some conversations.

The first conversation of the day was a lengthy one with Emilia. She was initially saying she didn't believe in God but mentioned that she was open minded. At the beginning she was arguing against God's existence but there came a point when she said, "I've had this conversation many times but never before have I not had an answer". She was seriously challenged by it.

She then came to hear the good news and was greatly encouraged in how she would respond as this is very important news. She said, "It makes sense and is very logical but I don't think I want to give up living my own way". It was a sad end to a long conversation but she said she wanted to stay in contact and would talk more in the future!

A surprising conversation was with Santosh an Indian man who was Hindu and initially had rejected God's existence but surprisingly with the analogies he turned around, saw that he was guilty and heading to Hell and then said, "Tell me how I can get to Heaven". He grasped the gospel quickly and said, "Thank you for sharing" he was encouraged to read the Bible and said he would!

Lastly was a second conversation with Andrew who had spoken to the team on Omegle previously! He had a solid comprehension of the gospel but what was most worrying was that it hadn't changed his life. He could articulate it and correct himself but there seemed to be very little fruit.

Please be praying for these three, that Emilia doesn't remain resistant as the pleasure this world has to offer isn't worth going to Hell for. Pray for Santosh that his profession is genuine and that his life transforms! Pray for Andrew that he would take this second wake up call and desire to live a Godly life.

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