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Wednesday 10 June 2020

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On Wednedsay the team had a wonderful day of outreach! It was filled with many exciting conversations! But there were four great ones in a row, so here is a brief summary.

The first was with an 11 yr old young guy who saw the seriousness of his sin and was visibly worried but heard the good news and was so thankful for it! Upon grasping it he realised he wanted to consider it further and it turned out he had a Bible. His father three years prior had picked up a Gideons Bible from a hotel room and so he grabbed it and said he would read it.

Next was two girls, Mia and Zakia. They saw that God exists and they are guilty and realised this was not good news. When asked for the solution they concluded, "Oh is there any way to get to Heaven?" Then they heard the good news and was challenged, excited to have heard it and were left pondering the implications of how their life would change upon trusting that Jesus taking the punishment for their sin was the only thing getting them into Heaven.

This was followed by two guys who were in a very similar boat. They also grasped it and saw the bad news, comprehended the good news and were serious about trusting that Jesus had paid for their sin this very day. When asked about the implications for them they said, "We won't want to sneak out tonight as we were planning". They were exceedingly clear on salvation being by faith alone but also grasped the impact they would have on their lives.

Lastly was a slower chat with Ryan and Brent, But with a little bit of effort the pair came to see that previously they had not been trusting that Jesus paid for their sin as the only reason they were going to Heaven, rather they hadn't yet understood it and worse yet were looking to other religions and what the world had to offer as their hope. When finally it became clear that prior to this moment they were in big trouble and that Christ alone can provide the eternal life He promises they made a basic profession that they would start believing it.

Please be praying for these seven, that this gospel comprehension would result in justifying faith and that their lives would be genuinely changed as a result as they desire to live for the God who saved them. And with the fields being ripe for harvest, why not consider joining us sometime, God may even use you to bring someone to a saving knowledge of the truth!

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