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Tuesday 23 June 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log of Toowong on Tuesday June 23, 2020 from 1330 - 1500

Praise and thank God for a fruitful afternoon with the three of us i.e. John the captain , Hung and Winnie to team up to serve in windy condition. Yet, the wind did not stop our work paved by God as such we all had almost non-stop divine appointment opportunities. The three of us actually represents three generation of OPN 513 ministry. Johnny joined first since 2014 and introduced me to join in 2018 than Winnie was introduced by me to join in 2019. Pray that God will continue to use us to mobilize more World Christian to join especially those who have done Kairos and are on the life integration journey to develop apostolic Passion for the mission of God.

Johnny had several significant chats with several local Aussie and a UQ students fro China. Especially the last one that the chat last over 40 minutes. Trusted God has wonderful work on this young fellow. (*1)

Winnie had three full gospel sharing opportunities to two local Aussie and one older lady from New Guineas. They all were receptive to the gospel and Winnie even referred them to Power to Change and the Chinese Church near by. For details, please refer to her sharing in Chinese.(*2)

As for me, I had 7 significant chats as recap below: -

1) My first gospel target was Michael, an Aussie of Catholic background. He was wearing a T shirt too thin for the windy condition. But he willingly stop to chat with me by removing to a less windy spot. We had a long chat that helped clarify all the misconception in his Catholic upbringing that he is saved by grace through faith alone in Christ. He was so appreciative for our talk that willingly he agreed to take a selfie with me.

2) Then I caught up with two girls from mainland China. Normally , the mainlander tend to reject for a chat. These two were no exception. One even tried to discourage my approach by claiming that she believe in ET rather than God as such just save my gas to bother them. But God was gracious enough to let the other girl to remain holding a more open attitude to let me share the full gospel with her. At the end, the rejective girl was kept silence to listen the full gospel as well before the bus came just right at the end of my sharing.

3) Neda an UQ student from Qatar. she quickly declared her Islamic faith. I rightly assured her that all regions including Islam are not bad but they only serves to moblize people to become a better person. Yet none if them address the issue of sin and punishment that without Jesus we will all be condemned to suffer eternally in the hell of fire. She found the gospel very logical and sensible as such she appeared quite receptive at the end and promised to ponder further after reading the tract at home to make her decision of the life time to trust Jesus as her sole means of salvation.

4) Kim is also an UQ student from Philippines of Catholic and Buddhism mixed faith family background. She anyhow was very open to gospel and also appeared very receptive to be saved by grace through faith in Christ.

5) Linda another UQ student from Canada is also of Catholic background that does not have clear understanding and assurance of salvation. Our chat helped her to have all the misconceptions clarified.

6) Li the the 2nd last is an UQ student from Malaysia. He was reluctant initially to chat but God moved and changed her attitude to become more receptive later. He has no clear profession of faith. The gospel appears logical and sensible to him but at the end of the day, only God can do the final touch in his life.

7) The final one was a local Aussie listening to music with head phone. God still made him stop to accept my tract and stop for a brief chat of hte nutshell of the Gospel before teh bus arrived.

(*1) Johnny's Sharing

感謝天父上帝的祝福和帶領,下午在Toowong 的街頭福音事工Operation 513有三位参加關牧師,Winnie,和我。下午有不錯的福音對話,有兩位年輕人Alice and Manny他們聽完福音後決定要信靠耶穌成為他們的救主。另外有一位自稱是佛教徒的昆大學生Gery 黃,與我談了約四十分,他今天應該會想想如何面對上帝公正⚖️的審判。

(*2) Winnie's sharing

感谢主 今天的带领,傳了福音给三人。Lee, Mimi 及 Vivian. Lee & Mimi 是本地人, 他們願意信靠主,接受免费救恩,到教會尋求真理。Vivian 是 New Geinea, 來澳,基督徒,不太清楚自己是否已经得救,担心她先生在那處。我長细解释她聽,她聽後,放心交給主。願主譲今天聽到福音的人,繼續㝷求主的話語向前走。感谢讚美主。

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