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Friday 26 June 2020

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Friday afternoon online outreach was a great outreach, even though it has been shortened slightly to make room for the evening outreach back in the city, it was full with wonderful conversations! Seven team members over the three hours had many conversations. Three specifically exciting ones took place as well! (There were many more) as well!

The first conversation of the afternoon was with Louis, a young man who said that he "grew up Christian" but slowly drifted away and now he considers himself angostic. He was shown God's existence and saw that it made sense and was pointed out that his rejection was on the basis of a desire to live his way being incompatible with God's existence and so he had rejected God so that he could do his own thing.

After seeing this, going through the law and the gospel Louis was shocked! He said, "This is good news and I want to believe today". He was then asked, "After growing up in Church your whole life, is this the first time that the news that Jesus died on the cross actually makes sense?" and he said "Yes, thank you very much!"

He saw the impact it would make on his life and said that he would start reading the Bible and would consider further the things he learnt and even said he would look for a Church that prizes the Bible!

This was followed by a really quick conversation with three young men. They professed to be Christians but when asked the way to Heaven said, "ask for forgiveness, be good and repent (which they defined as confessing and trying to improve their lives). Over less than 3 minutes these men came to see the good news about Jesus Christ as the one who had taken the punishment for their sin and why it is actually good news. They were shocked! In fact one guy said, "Oh that makes sense now!" 

They were encouraged as to how it would make them live differently, not because they needed to do so to get to Heaven but because their gratitude would motivate their obedience. They were also encouraged to start reading the gospel of John for themselves and seeing who Jesus displays himself to be!

The last conversation was with a lady who similarly had a Christian background and hoped she was going to Heaven but she too though it was her decent life that would be the reason of her entry. She came to grasp the gospel and also was very thankful sharing that she was glad she'd had this chat because without it she would never have known.

These three conversations were very encouraging, seeing God open peoples eyes to the truth always is! But it was also a good reminder, just because someone names the name of Christ doesn't mean they actually understand the good news. Why not take this opportunity to ask your own friends, even the ones who say they are Chrsitians what they would say to God if He asked them, "Why should I let you into Heaven?"

You might be very surprised at the answers you get and may be very glad you asked because your conversation may change someone's eternity!

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