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Sunday 10 August 2008

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As soon as the Skypecast started, the room began to fill up with people. However, this time we had no control over the room at all. So we couldn't move anyone down to the listening area, and that meant that there was heaps of people all talking at once. We knew we couldn't run the Skypecast like this, so we started up another one and thankfully, it was okay in the new Skypecast.

Rob Liaison, from Voice of Truth Radio, helped us out again this week, and it was also good to have Josh Williamson back.

We had various hecklers throughout the evening, one in particular was a conversation I had with an Atheist. He had all the common objections, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?", "Science has disproved God", etc. So I briefly went through the Kalam Cosmological Argument for God's Existence and eventually he admitted there must be a God. I then went on to the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, and because of that everyone's will is in bondage to their sin if they are unregenerate. The Bible says that we cannot choose God, but rather that he must first chose us. So I explained to the fellow the responsibility of man and how that ties into the sovereignty of God. I told him that a man must repent and trust in Christ for his salvation, yet if they do that, it was all a work of God. That way it truly is how Paul stated it in Ephesians 2:8-9, we have no reason to boast, it wasn't even our decision from God's perspective.

I made sure I clearly presented what are the consequences of our sin (eternal Hell) and what God has done to save us through his death on the cross. By the end of the conversation, the man said he now understood the Christian message, however still rejected it, likely because he didn't want to give up his sinful lifestyle. Please pray for him.

Many other topics were discussed, including Islam, "Who is Jesus?", the Trinity, the Bible, etc. And many people's questions were answered.

We will have another Skypecast at the same time next week - Sunday 9pm - 12am GMT+10. If you would like to advertise the upcoming Operation 513 Skypecasts on your webpage/blog/myspace, please visit the Skypecast page and that will give you the instructions on how you can do so.

To God be the glory!

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