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Wednesday 1 July 2020

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Tuesday on Omegle was an exciting outreach! It was an extended outreach from usual, but this just meant more time for people to hear the good news about what Jesus has done to save sinners! A day with nine team members over six hours was wonderful!

The first conversation of the day was with Evan. He was initially a little silly pretending to be someone he wasn't but then came to understand the good news and was so excited at the end of the conversation that he was moved to tears! He was even asking questions about how he could bring the gospel to bear on the ears of his friends, family and neighbours!

The next conversation was with Jenelda. There were so many good quotes of things that she mentioned through the conversation but basically as she saw the simplicity of God's existence, her guilt and the solution she was greatly impacted and she too was blown away, even shedding a tear at one point as well!

One outstanding comment she made was, "I feel like a different person, you've changed my mind totally and it makes sense and I feel like I will wake up tomorrow and everything will look different and feel different". She could not thank me enough and was so keen to live for God thinking through all of the implications of the gospel acknowledging that it would definitely change her life and the way she lived!

She finished the conversation by saying, "I thank you for this chat but I think there are some other people that God has for you to talk to, I shall let you chat to them".

Next was a conversation with Carlos who took a while to grasp the gospel but once he got it he too said, "it really meant a lot". He had been struggling with Christianity for a while and was greatly encouraged by the gospel1 It was exciting to see his comprehension and a privilege to see the moment that he grasped it for the first time!

Then an unusual conversation took place with two Australia girls, Zoe and Kelsey. It seemed as if they should disconnect but despite rejecting God's existence and wanting to live their own way they came to see how we know God exists, how rejection of God is based on love for sin and then the good news that God offer guilty sinners a full and free pardon on the basis of Jesus taking the punishment they deserve. This meant that they could be forgiven this very day and on their way to Heaven if they would simply believe that Jesus took the punishment for their sin!

They didn't want to believe but they did understand it. Lastly a great encouragement came as a pair who had previously talked to the team remembered the way to Heaven, professing to believe and were encouraged to open up their Bibles and read the gospel of John!

Praise God for such a wonderful day, may those who grasped it be changed because of the conversations that took place and the Holy Spirit applying the truth to their hearts!

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