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Tuesday 14 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday July 14, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Today was windy and chilling cold but our passion for Christ to be the light and salt of the city were not dimmed an iota bit even I was not at my best with a minor cough. Since we only have three regular members as usual, thus I still felt the urge to join Johnny and Winnie and see how God would lead me. God's grace was really sufficient. I was able to have two full and complete conversations with other minor tasks of tract handing out and short conversation. God knew my situation of having a dried mouth after talking a while as a result of taking Day and night cold tablet, so I was given just two conversations. Both cases showed His sovereign grace as both persons Gary and Rachel the mum had initially declined the invitation of Winnie to stop and chat. I was not aware of that and was moved nevertheless to make an approach yet with success. So our street evangelism work have all along been in direct control of God's hand.

In the mean time, both Johnny and Winnie had numerous opportunities with many mainland China students that normally would reject to talk. But today, God used Johnny and Winnie to touch and reached many Mainland Chinese UQ Students all with very fruitful result.

Winnie had 7 divine appointments of which 4 were with UQ students from mainland China. Others was one from Brazil, and two were local Aussie students. Among them many claimed to be Christians but all do not have assurance of salvation. I spent some time to pull Winnie aside to teach her how to help those nominal Christians to establish their assurance of salvation instead of just asking them to sin no more and ask for forgiveness from God. We must direct them back to establish their trust in Christ and Christ alone for taking our place to receive the hell punishment of our sins, as such we do not need to wait for our own self perfection effort to become a better person first. The deal is done at the moment we repented and received Christ as our saviour that we are reconciled with God right away and be justified as His people. This immediate change of our eternal identity in Christ is crucial to let God start His life re-engineer work through the Holy Spirit to make us perfect and becoming an unique masterpiece of God. During the process, God allows us to make mistakes but learn the lesson by asking God for forgiveness and seeking His strength to stand up from where we fell to sin no more next time.

As for my two divine encounters, they were not less of God's grace and miraculous work.

Gary is a local Aussie UQ student, he initially had a skeptical facial expression to reluctantly let me start our chat but at the end found the gospel message logical, sensible and relevant to his life situation.

Same for Rachael the mum of two lovely kids. She declined Winnie initially perhaps because they were still walking towards the Bus stop. It is not settling for her to talk with two kids running around on the road. I did not see that , so I approached her when they took their seats at the bus stop. Even with initial reluctance because of the distraction minding the kids , God soften her heart to let me share even with herself facing the early afternoon sun. When I noticed this, I used by body to form a shade to protect her eyes which she was grateful about it. Under this kind of interaction, she appear completely receptive to the gospel which she claimed she heard it for the first time. I asked her the checking questions to find that she completely has got the points and was willing to consider to receive Christ may be at a more quiet and private time free from the interruption from the children and after reading the tract again.

感謝讚美主 今天的带领,謝謝關牧師的教導,今天我又上了一課,學到確實得救的確據。求神憐悯今天聽到福音的人士,讓…



第一及第二位都是中国來的男學生,可以與他們講廣東話。第一位講了一半,巴士到逹。第二位,楊明義,願意到UQ 大学的教會,寻求真理。第三位澳洲學生,也是講了一半,巴士到達。希望他們在巴士上看看福音單張。第四位Loren, 中国來的學生,基督徒,不確實得救,沒有返教會。我和她談了很久,她願意重返教會。第五位是基督徒,也是一様未有得救確據,傾談後,願意傳福音给他朋友。第六位是Brizil 來的基督徒,Renee, 願意悔改,傳福音给朋友。第七位是Emily, 中国來的學生,基督徒,她説她很多罪,每周她都返教會,願意悔改,傳福音给朋友,我给她福音單張。


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