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Wednesday 15 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday July 15, 2020 from 1300 - 1500

Praise and thank God moving four persons to serve at this harvest field including Johnny, Col, Allen and Hung. It was a fine Sunny winter afternoon, but it appeared a bit quieter than usual especially on the West side with Col and Allen. For the East side where Johnny and I partnered as a sub-team, there were more chances from both the Bus stop and the Pedestrian Bridge. God again teaches us lesson that we cannot use just human judgement to select or avoid targets. God kept supplying more than average numbers of Chinese mainlanders than normal. Another lesson God taught me today is that Sin must be emphasized despite natural reaction from the gospel target is feeling irritated and tendency to quit the chat. This happened several time to day. Anyway, I had 11 divine appointments as recap below: -

1) Brian a young local Aussie who looks clean and neat or a typical good man look. He politely stopped for a chat. But he was found irritated when I started touching on the issue of sin. He challenged me if I have ever smoke social drug. He became impatient to listen on and tried to escape from my sharing. I nevertheless insisted on walking him across the bridge to finish to full gospel and can only pray that God has His plan and work for Brian.

2) A Girl from Mainland China happily stopped listening to music from her iphone and prepared to chat. Yet it was cut short by the bus. God just wanted to show me, never ever stereotype and target group as it was God who stop persons for a chat.

3) While still around at the bus stop, I approached Marty an Indian high school girl from Mansfield state high. Again she stopped her music listening to chat with me yet again it was cut short by the bus after a nutshell of the gospel was shared.

4) Then yet another Chinese lady willingly took the tract but could not stay for a chat.

5) I chatted with the old Mainlander Grandma with her grandson after she finished chatting for over half an hour with Johnny. She did not feel love from her own daughter who takes her for granted summoning her to come to do child minding. She belongs to a typical community group of parent from Mainland China that actually feel lonely with no meaning in life as such is supposedly an ideal gospel target. I followed up to have a few chat to let her feel being cared for. At that time, Andrew a tall local Aussie interrupted our conversation to greet the cute grandson. He actually can speak a few mandarin greeting phrase. So I followed up on sharing the Good Person tract with him. He showed interest and actually asked for a few more tracts for his friends.

6) Carmen is a Filipino rare "Fair dinkum Christian". She is the rare Christian who has accurate understanding of gospel with full assurance of salvation.

7) Jackie’s the local Aussie Mum and daughters who initially stopped pleasantly for a chat but when touched upon sin, she also felt uneasy and turned impatience as well as unwilling to listen on.

8) A pregnant Vietnam woman willingly took tract. I on the contrary did not stop here in case my cold will pass on to her.

9) Grace and Rebecca are Danish and Scottish cross breed Grandma and grand daughter. They also appeared very polite and willing to listen to the gospel. Again they showed same reaction of getting irritated when touched upon the issue of sin. They nevertheless still let me finished the full gospel sharing.

10) Jimmy is a familiar gospel target that both Johnny and I had many chats before. But after causal greeting words, I still felt urge to check on his understand of the gospel and if he has secured full assurance of salvation. To my surprise, he gone back and thought his Christian parents got part of the credit for him to become saved. So I was glad God used me to explain to Jimmy which hopefully will help him to have his misconception clarified.

11) A Koran couples initially stopped for a chat. The wife was willing but not the husband again when the issue of sin was touched upon. He dragged his wife to leave right away.

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