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Friday 17 July 2020

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Friday afternoon's outreach online was exciting a wonderful arvo full of chats! God was very kind in who he bought across the stream!

The first conversation of the afternoon was with Miles, an older guy who had initially rejected Christianity but then saw God's existence, understood that God sets the rules and that he is guilty and that the punishment would be very severe for those who rebel against the God of the universe. Then when asked for the solution he said he had no idea but asked, "Can you tell me? What can I do to not go to Hell?" He came to understand the simplicity of the good news that those we believe that Jesus Christ took the punishment for their sin are perfect in the sight of God and may even Heaven.

He also saw that his primary reason for rejecting the good news prior to this conversation was that he'd never understood it before. He then saw that the reason he was now hesitant to believe it not because it wasn't true but because he wanted to keep living his own way. This was pointed out and he acknowledged that living his own way would not be worth going to Hell for and said he was really thankful for the chat, he wasn't expecting it but said it was very worth thinking about! He was even encouraged to read the Bible and said he would consider starting!

Another conversation was with Amy who initially professed to be a Christian but very quickly saw that she wasn't sure of the way to Heaven, in fact she was hoping in her own performance as the reason she was going to Heaven. She too saw her guilt and that her actions could not be the reason she would go to Heaven, as they were actually leading her to Hell! She then said, "There is no way for us to get into Heaven". She then heard the gospel and came to understand Jesus' offer of forgiveness and was quite surprised at it. She said that today she would believe and was shown how that would impact her life and she said she would consider it.

Please be praying for these two that their response to the gospel in the conversation would be a result of the Holy Spirit's work and therefore that they would believe the good news and as a result would love to serve God and share with other people this good news!

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