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Friday 17 July 2020

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Thursday and Friday are the busiest days for the Christchurch (NZ) team.  Thursday: two hours online, then two hours at Northlands bus stops, and then two hours at Eastgate bus stops.  Friday: two hours outside Christchurch hosptial for the gospel + abortion outreach, an hour in Cathedral Square, two hours in Cashel Mall, and then a two hour evening outreach in the city.  Tiring, but very rewarding work!  We thank you for your prayer and other support.

Some highlights of the many conversations I had on Thursday:




It was another difficult outreach outside Christchurch hospital.  You can read about it here.

We didn’t open-air preaching in Cathedral Square, there were kids busking.  Instead we spent the time in one to one gospel conversations.  It was great to have the OAC crew there with us.  We then moved to the Bridge of Remembrance end of Cashel Mall.  Sadly, all my conversations in the afternoon were with hard hearted resistant people.  Don’t get me wrong they were good conversations - but they just didn’t see the wonder of the gospel, or wouldn’t even let me get to the gospel.  Oh God, have mercy on the hard hearts of this city and nation.  Raise up labourers, Lord, to plow the soil and sow gospel seed!

Yet I had one highlight from the afternoon, it was a follow up with a young man I’ve talked to maybe three times before over the last year and a half.  He now works on the Convention Center construction site close to Cathedral Square.  He claims he is now trusting that Jesus has paid his hell fine.  I encouraged him to get in touch and to get involved in a local church - I invited him to mine.  I deliberately left the ball in his court.

The evening outreach was, yet again, wonderful.  Lots of people out and about - in spite of the cold and wet.  Mike and I had two stand out conversations.

The first was with a guy who had a Hindu dad, and Lutheran mum, and went to a Catholic school.  He had a real melting pot of philosophies!  But I challenged him; when you boil it all down - what is the truth?  He came to hear the gospel.  But multiple rounds of checking questions and explanations were required for it to really start sticking.  He really appreciated the chat, and left with a follow up tract.

The last conversation of the evening was on a floodlit basketball half court.  Two teens (Catholics, from Invercargill) were sitting on the court, so Mike and I joined them and had a wonderful gospel chat.  The girl said that we have to keep the ten commandments to go to heaven - that was a set up!  They quickly realised that they could never meet the standard.  When the guy heard the gospel, a broad smile of understanding came across his face - it was a precious moment!

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