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Tuesday 15 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday September 14, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a sunny Spring afternoon that was perfect for street Evangelism with the four of us like last week, i.e. Johnny, Winnie, Yan and Hung serving again as a team. God did again teach us a good lesson of team work that we supplemented each others unknowingly under the directorship of God to make no one escape His pre-destine election.

I was able to watch the trace of God's work as a sideline- observer because I managed to let Winnie take up most of the available opportunities. For at least four occasions, God moved Winnie to approach the 2nd time with success for those either having rejected the initial approach by the Johnny and Yan team at the Traffic light outpost, or those who even had rejected Winnie first approach. I believed it is not done in flesh as normally we will give up when rejected once. But because it is the work of God, so as His obedient servants, we will be sensitive to God's direction against our human reaction in flesh. As a result, Winnie had got an amazing count of nine divine appointments occasion to share the gospel. Both Johnny and I had our chance though lesser in number. For example I only had 6 chances. But all of them served the purpose of God to either doing follow up with people we contacted before or getting chance to learn the mind set of Muslim which may be helpful for my future handling of Muslim background non-believers.

1) Jerrod reminded me he met me before. He still had the tract in his back pack that he had not yet read. Then I recalled I did not have enough time to finish the gospel last time. So it was perfect for me to pick up from where we left off last time and finished the gospel sharing this time. So it was God who made our 2nd encounter happen to serve His purpose to save Jerrod.

2) Then I approached Lily she alo said she had chatted with Winnie last week. I did the needed follow up to make sure she fully understood her need for Jesus as her saviour.

3) Then I talked to a Caribbean girl just in time before the bus came. She took the tract which I was determined to give her to make sure that the message I shared will be reinforced by the tract.

4) A South American lady took the tract but had to rush away to avoid further chat.

5) Another Chinese girl could only take the tract as the bus came that ended our conversation right away.

6) Finally, I saw a Middle East look person who took the tract from Johnny but did not stop for a chat. Instead he started reading the tract when he walked to the bus stop. He read the tract seriously so I waited until he finished. Instead of letting me to evangelize him, Jiam declared he is a Muslim and taking the initiative to elaborate on the differences of doctrine between Islam and Christianity. I opined that this was again God's design to let me know from a Muslim perspective about their faith so that I can find a better angle to evangelize Muslim in the future.

Basically Muslims deem that Allah God have the full power to forgive sin. As long as human admit we are sinner, simply ask for direct forgiveness from God should be enough. Noticed here that Muslim has no sense of the need for taking punishment of our sin. God's verbal approval is good enough for anyone one's sins be waived. Also in Muslim belief, God only cares about major sin that we have really acted them out. For all other trivial sins especially those that remain as thought but no real act of crime. They will not be counted. So this mind set would fit best in the Good person scenario. The more good work we have done the better chance we can earn forgiveness from God on major sins. I will never learn this Muslim mindset if not prompted by God to let this friendly Muslim guy to tell it to me.


第一位是中国少女, Lisa 願意想想耶穌基督的愛。(*)

(*) She declined the approach by Yan but was intercepted by Winnie not knowing she had rejected to even taking the tract.


第三位,澳洲女士,Anne從 Darwin來的。明白救恩,願意去教會尋求真理。

第四位,中国少女。Mary, 當我講完福音给她,巴士到達。


第六位,澳洲女士,Lilian. 初時不願意聽,後來當她停下查看巴士時間,我便行過去,問她是否認識耶穌基督,當我講完福音後,她説她是基督徒,每周都去教會,每天都有禱告。我問她願意傳福音给其他人,她説可以,我便给她單章。




感謝主的教導,今天我所學到的功課,就是如果他們不接受單章,當他們停下來時,如果不反對,便可以馬上傳福音给他們。 感謝讚美主🙏🙏🙏


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