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Tuesday 10 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday Nov 9, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a very fruitful afternoon with the three of us Johnny , Winnie and Hung serving together as a team. All of us had got numerous chance of long chats with good results. For instance, the first chat that Johnny had led to a conversion readily. It was also an afternoon of apologetic discussion with people of deep catholic Muslim and Jehovah Witness background.

Recap herewith is my six divine appointments : -

1) MacLaylup is a country girl from Townsville to study here at UQ. She is from a Christian family. But she came to faith by herself as an adult. She claimed to have 100% assurance of faith after initial hesitation as it seems to be of spiritual realm issue that people seldom contemplate above it., she anyway asserted that she is 100% sure she is saved but the reason is not clean cut just have faith in God. After some hints and guidance, she eventually understood her reason of salvation is purely because of Jesus only as such she should have 100% assurance of salvation. After that ,she was drawn deeper in understanding why Christians are not yet perfect after conversion as it is part of God's three fold salvation plan that the redemptive grace of Jesus only changed our identity back as God's people. It enables God to exercise His sovereign power in our life to start the sanctification work to transform us back to perfect through the work of the Holy Spirit. She was so grateful for the educative conversation and was delighted to take a selfie with me.

2) Betty a Chinese non believer girl took tract from Johnny but did not stop to chat. Until she arrived at the bus stop, God changed her mind to stop and listen to my full gospel presentation. She found it logical and sensible. I introduced her to join Power to Change even if she is still at the stage of seeking.

3) Juline an old lady who did not prepare to stop claiming she got the tract and had a conversation with Winnie last week. She thanked us anyway indicating she is a Buddhist as such there is no need for Christianity. I anyway felt the urge to share again the nutshell of the gospel and was able to convinced her that even Buddhist need Jesus. She was impressed and promised to ponder seriously and thank for my sincerity to share the importance to be saved by Jesus.

4) Then a couple of Chinese guy and Aussie girl carrying heavy shopping goods getting passed Johnny without stopping. I anyway approached them when they got to the bus stop. The Aussie girl was more open while the Chinese Guy was not so keen to hear the Gospel. I anyway rushed to give them the nutshell but cut short by the arrival of the bus.

5) Betty another UQ students unexpectedly stopped to chat. She was from Chongxiang showed great receptiveness to the gospel. She also was happy to take the Power to Change info slip to get in touch with them.

6) Fiona is a very serious Catholic Christian with the righteous attitude to defend for the orthodox Catholic belief against all biased and distorted accusation on their faith. She was impressed with my opened attitude to give her the benefit of the doubt to see what is her perspective of orthodox Catholic belief that has long been misinterpreted by Protestant Christian. She came specially for me and give me a list of information source as well as Catholic Father that I can make inquiry with.

As for Winnie, she had 9 conversations as recap below that kept her very busy throughout the 80 minutes of ministry time.

感謝主今天的帶領,讓我遇到九人傳福音的機會。今天有六位是來自中國,一位是馬來西亞,一位是菲律宾與澳洲混血兒,一位是澳洲婦女。 第一位,Gloria,UQ 學生。聽完福音後,願意去教會尋求更多真理。 第二位名叫芝,馬來西亞女學生,需要時間想想。 第 三及第四位也是中國留學生,講完福音後, 巴士到逹。 第五位,Mary,UQ 學生。聽完福音,會细心想想。 第六位,Benda,中國留學生,也是需要時間想清楚。 第七位,Joe, 菲律宾與澳洲混血兒,明白我們是罪人,需要耶穌基督拯救。會看完單張後,思想這個問题。 第八位澳洲女士,天主教徒,我們談論很長時間關於基督教與天主教的分别。後來她也與關牧師談論這問题。 第九位,中國女士,會想清楚免费禮物及天堂與地獄問题。 感謝讚美主!願神赐福给今天聽到福音的人士,打開心門,接受耶穌基督為救世主。阿們!

Recap herewith is the summary by Johnny Hsieh

感謝天父上帝的帶領和祝福,今午Toowong 的街頭福音事工有ㄧ位從蘇格蘭來的UQ學生 Wirll聽完福音之後願意信靠主耶穌。請為他禱告,另有Isaac 澳洲青年,還有一位張姓JW 耶和華見證人的女信徒試著想改變我的信仰, 我拿出手機上的聖經與她討論。


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