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Wednesday 11 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 11, 2020 from 1300 -1500

Today I was supposed to go solo as Johnny had to stay at home for Termite treatment. I struggled for a short moment if I should still go by myself. God was gracious enough to move Andrew to come without my pre-knowledge. So we still could start our ministry as a team in prayer. I went over to the west side of the foot bridge to join Andrew for mutual back up and support. God made us work non-stop. I got 8 divine appointments amongst which the one with The Sibling form Hong Kong was most inspiring and movement because of our empathy as the Hong Kongers going through the toughness moment in the history of Hong Kong.

1) I started first while Andrew went to fill out his drinking bottle. Hence when he joined me, he took photo for me with the Hindu couples. The man claimed to have Christian family background but obviously had forsaken his faith in Christ. He was very arrogant to dismiss the significant of Jesus salvation, but the lady was more polite and actually willing to listen. But I could only manged to utter the key nutshell of Gospel before the husband dragged his wife away.

2) Then I left Andrew at the footbridge and walked over to the bus stop where I found only one Chinese sitting there. He was not interested and virtually refused to hear the gospel but I still had managed to have a chat bringing in all the elements of the gospel until he reached the limit of his patience to ask me talk to somebody else.

3)I did find a Korean girl besides me and she appeared very receptive to the gospel. I was able to finish sharing just in time before the bus arrived.

4) Then came a Malaysian Chinese 馬華 girl Chai Chin彩琴,she was very polite,and appeared very receptive 接納 to the gospel.

5) Then I moved back to the footbridge and met another Korean girl by the name pf Ishin. She is doing working holiday here and quickly claimed herself a Christian. She has almost 100% assurance of salvation but the reason was a bit blurred not pointing to Jesus directly but mentioning other good deeds like attending church. After clarification, she was happy to assured that now her concept of salvation is very clear now.

6) Then I met up with a middle aged Chinese woman by the name Hu胡大媽 from China中國,She was willing to listen 願聽

so I walked with her to the bus stop. I was lucky to waste no time but shared her the full gospel first before the bus arrived.

7) Then Ben and Emily who are sibling and are student of QUT & UQ respectively from Hong Kong. I spent no time to find out our common root and it helped them to associate with me as Hong Kongers. I was able to use the dark power now ruling ove Hong Kong and USA to demonstrate the need for all people to seek light to expel the darkness in our life. And Jesus is the only means ad avenue for us to leave the darkness of sin into the brightness of our faith in Jesus. They were happy to take selfie group photo with me to commemorate our encounter by the divine appointment.

8 ) Lina from Goodna who is a Mormon. But she claimed she believed and accept Jesus as God and as her Saviour though she only have 70% of assurance of salvation. I took the chance to supplement teaching about the three fold salvation as such our certainty of identity changed because of the redemptive work of Jesus will be guarantee despite our temporal life have not yet been transformed back to perfection. So the temporary imperfection will not affect our assurance of being saved by Jesus. God anyhow have guaranteed to make us perfect one day before the New Heaven and New Earth come.

Recap below is the battle log of Andrew Walkington

Yesterday in Sunnybank there were a few great conversations and at least 2 young men seemed to really grasp the gospel for the first time.

Danny has a Christian upbringing but as I dug into what he believed, it was clear that his hope was in good works to make him right with God. He tries to live a very moral life and hoped that he would be ok when he stood before God. I showed him that even as moral as he had tried to be, he would never be perfect and that his relative goodness could not save him. I then walked him through what Jesus did on the cross and why this changes everything. He came to understand that his trust needs to be not in himself but in the finished work of Jesus on the cross and he stated that this is now where his hope lies.

I then spoke with a very proud man who gave a convoluted label for his beliefs that had something to do with messianic understandings of Judaism, though he wasn’t Jewish at all. He talked and talked about how most people miss the meanings of the texts and how the church has it wrong. He denied hell, denied that God is angry with people and argued that we are all God’s children. When I read several passages to him about how we are enemies of God in our natural state he argued that this was just my interpretation. He then started arguing that our judgement is only going to be based on the quality of our works and brought up the story of the widow’s offering as an example, which happened to be the very passage I preached this past Sunday! I pleaded with him to study Ephesians 2 and Romans 1-8. He thanked me for chatting and said he would read Ephesians 2 that night.

Harris is 17 and from a non-religious home. He had gone to church a bit as a kid and said straight up that he believes in God, Jesus, heaven and hell. When I asked him about the afterlife, he really hoped that he was good enough for heaven and had not understood the cross at all. I shared the gospel with him carefully to show him that we will never be good enough and that what we need is a saviour who will die in our place. He then asked a heap of really great questions about why we should be good if our goodness can’t save us and I was able to clearly explain how our repentance is a heart desire to turn from our rebellion, not the quality of our works. He ended up clearly understanding salvation and took a gospel of John to read.

Please pray for each of these folks that they would place their trust in Jesus and not in their works to save them.

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