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Wednesday 30 December 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 30, 2020 form 1300 -1500

The Sunnybank team original planned to stop for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year period. But Andrew still felt the urge to come to do street evangelism therefore I went as well to form team partnership with Andrew. Despite of our enthusiasm or apostolic passion to serve the Lord, God did not stop the down pouring of rain in the beginning hours with lighter rain lingering throughout the whole afternoon, possibly it was a special training for both of us to live out the teaching of Paul in the Bible of 2 Timothy 4:2 "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction."

Apart from the bad weather condition, the reaction of the targets were predominantly cold and rejective. Brother Andrew and I got many rejections. By the mercy of God, Andrew finally got several long talks. As for me, I had many short and scattered chats amidst the major trend of general rejection as recap below.

1) God led me to locate the first person being a young man from Hong Kong who has no faith but an open mind to hear the gospel. He found it logical and sensible and promise to take a serious thought of it.

2) Then I was able to chat to a Chinese girl who initially appeared reluctant, but still took the tract. But my gospel sharing was cut short by the arrival of the bus.

3) Then I noticed a Chinese couple trying to check the bus schedule on the hard copy list as such they originally have not heart to listen to the gospel when approached by Andrew. But did them a favor to guide them to check up the schedule on the electronic board . I gained flavorsome to share gospel to the man while the woman show great non-interest. Thanks God that the man politely let me finish the sharing until the bus came.

4)Then an English lady rejected me first but after sitting down then I could have a chat sharing teh nutshell of eh gospel to here before the bus came.

5) Then Isiah got off from the bus but took his seat to wait for the easing of the rain so I had a chance to chat with him. It was found that he is a far dinkum Christian who have 100% assurance of salvation.

6) Sirus from HK also showed great receptiveness to the gospel.

7) I shared with the mum of the Hung Family (洪家) from Taiwan with all other members including the dad and two daughters on watch listening.(光聽) She at the ned claimed she is a Buddhist, but I appeal to them that Buddhism is good but stop short at teaching people to be a good person but  not resolving the issue of sin. She politely promised she will ponder on this issue later.

8) Another Taiwanese woman 另一台灣婦 saw me doing street evangelism so she looked at me as if asking me to share the gospel to her. I did, but once touched on the subject of sin, she could not listen any more and cut the conversation. I still trust there is God's work in her life because of this divine encounter.

9) A Local Aussie heading for garden city , he kept popping up the arriving bus to ask where it goes while I share him the gospel. I could not but cut it short and let go.

10) Then I approached again another Chinese boy and girl friends couple. The man was ok and willing to chat but the girl appeared very offensive even resorting to walking away. It forced the boy friend to follow her to leave chatting with me.

11) Then a talked to an Aussie girl who quickly declared she is a Christian and was tested to have 100% assurance of salvation.

12) An Old Aussie man took the tract had a look but declined to chat when her wife showed no interest to listen.

13) Two girls from North Easter China 東北,with one studying at Griffith and a younger one at Indooroopilly High school. They initially still was OK to chat with me but appeared fearful once touched on faith.

14) Hee is a Malaysian English speaking UQ student who has no faith. But he show great openness to hear the gospel and appeared quite receptive to the salvation of Jesus Christ.

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