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Tuesday 5 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday January 5, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Praise and thank God to move Winnie to have the passion to come again to do Street Evangelism at Toowong despite it is still within the rest period originally set for the Toowong team. In this connection, I of course are obliged to join Winnie to form team work. The weather was very hot, but God kept us very busy as such we simply did not have time to worry about the tough condition around us. Recap below were the divine encounter God arranged for us to meet people of different race and life background.

1) An Indian looking face UQ student is actually a Malaysian Muslim but he appeared quite open to listen to the sharing of Gospel. He showed receptiveness to message I shared so pray that God will move and guide him a few step further closer to acceptance of Jesus.

2) The 2nd person God arranged for me was Phoebe who has an European looking face and she was also quite open to the Gospel with good responses. But at the end I was surprised to find out that she actually is from Pakistan. Whether or not she is a Muslim, I pray and trust God for moving nad lead her to receive Christ in His time.

3) Then God led me to approach Ryan under the shade. We have about 6 min to chat and Ryan was the most interactive person to exchange idea with me. He admitted we are not perfect despite in general we are good persons. But he opined there are no bad persons as well as our characters and behavior good or bad are all inherited from our parents that we do not need to take responsibility ourself.But when I asked him to tell me if he has the free will to make a choice and the consequent of it has to be responsible by our decision. So the bottom line is we will still be held responsible for whatever sin we committed and be judged and punished by God. So there is no escape apart from accepting Jesus as our saviour and our Lord of life. He appeared convinced when the bus came. Pray for God continuous redemptive work on Ryan.

4) A man at work though not in uniform did not initially reject my approach for a chat while taking a quick glimpse of the tract. He patiently and polite indicated that he was aware of where I came from and knew what I was going to share but declared he held a very different. I still hanged around to share the nutshell of Gospel until he indicated that he was on duty and our chat was occupying his on duty time. I could not but stop and let go though I believed our conversation still have served God's purpose for this man.

5) A young girl with a Chinese looking face rejected Winnie, so I tried again in English and found out that she is from the Mongolia Republic 外蒙 but has migrated to Australia and become citizen like myself. She was brought up from atheist background so firmly rejected to listen to Gospel. I however still manged to chat in a down to the earth lively way but indirectly showed the need of all people including all good persons for Jesus' salvation.

6) Then I chatted with a man from Singapore 星加坡. He appeared has no faith but was willing to listen to the gospel. It is a pity the time allowed is limited before his bus came.

7) Seville is a non believer with a Christian grand ma but non -Christian parents. So he is neutral to faith and willing to listen to my gospel sharing.

8) My last Chat was with a mature young lady from Peru of Catholic background. But obviously she is a secularized Christian who has not Christian discipleship nurturing as such she has no sense of any Bible teaching. I manged to help her understand the meaning of gospel and the assurance of salvation as well as the importance of Spiritual growth.

感謝主今天的帶领,有主同在,不怕其他打擾。雖然上 Brisbane 途中,身體不適,肚子非常痛。但到達 Brisbane, 經過禱告後,精神醒過來。 感谢神 讓我遇到十二人傳福音機會。初時他們不願意聽,最後聖靈臨到他們,順服的聽完整福音。

第一是中國女士,Myer 聽完福音後,需要時間想想。


第三位是 Jack, 中國年青人,基督徒。我對他講述得救的確據。

第四位是 Kent, 由加拿大來的年青人。願意接受主的爱。

第五位是澳洲女士,Melisa, 願意接受免费禮物。

第六位是菲律宾少女,Alice, 基督徒。我也講解得救的確據。

第七位是日本少女。Lee, 明白福音,需要時間想想。

第八位女士 是Mela,來自馬來西亞,聽了完整福音。

第九位中國青年,John, 需要時間想想。

第十位是馬來西亞年青人Joe, 聽了完整福音。

第十一位是年青人,Matt, 來自新加坡,基督徒。我對他講述得救確據。

第十二位是年長女士,Mandy, 來自缅甸。明白主的愛。 願今天聽到福音人士,打開心門,接受主耶稣基督為他們的救世主。阿們!感謝讚美主🙏

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