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Wednesday 10 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday February 10th , 2021 from 1300 to 1500

We were over joy to have Martin and Roobin joining us after a long pause because of the Covid-19. Martin used to come to Sunnybank very regularly before Covid -19. He joined online evangelism on Omegle and lately was invited to Melbourne to meet and serve with Martin Park. After returning, he is very eager to make appearance on the street apart from doing it on line. He started and team up with Roobin to Woodridge on Monday. Today Martin and Roobin joined us as a team. Andrew , our another regular team mate of Sunnybank Team could only come late after 2pm because of his new engagement as guest lecturer of Brisbane School of Theology that finishes on Wednesday at 1pm. We admire his fervent passion to keep coming despite of his overloaded and busy schedule. As usual I teamed up with Johnny on the East side near Sunny Park Shopping Centre while Martin, Roobin and Andrew served on the West side at the bus stop near Sunnybank Plaza. The whole team basically had many opportunities to engage into conversation. I was also too occupied to spare time to take photo for them despite I walked across the bridge 3 times to do Gospel sharing talking while I walked with the Gospel targets. God is always good to let us encounter various situation to train up our faith to trust and obey in whatever circumstances. Recap below were the main divine encounters God gave me: -

1) Karine a Thai girl studying at Griffith made no hesitation to stop and kind enough to let me share with her the gospel despite she is a Buddhist by family background. She listen with interest and appeared very receptive though still needs a bit of push from the Spirit to make the last step of faith to receive Christ. I asked anyway is there any reason she can name to reject Jesus offer of free gift of enteral life? She answered frankly that there is no reason to reject at all. She just could not rush an important decision like this. So I introduced her to join Power to Change at Griffith and take time as guided by God through the work of the Holy Spirit to make the final step of faith to receive Christ.

2) The I met up with Jean a fair dinkum Christian old lady who has the clearest understanding of the Gospel and 100% assurance of salvation. She is actually the Sunday School Head and she praise and thanks God for our street ministry.

3) Then came an Indian girl called Nadine who was in a hurry but graciously allowed me to walk with her across the bridge to share her the Gospel. She appeared receptive to the gospel message. I also gave her a card of Power to change to let her choose to pursue further as moved by the Spirit.

4) Ling From Nanjing with her friend were also in a rush but again let me shared as we walked across the bridge. She also responded well to the gospel and found no reason to reject the free gift of eternal life offered by Jesus Christ.

5) I caught up with a son and mum from China. Both appeared very friendly and accepted the tract right away. Despite the time left before the bus arrival was limited, I still managed to share the nutshell of the Gospel with them.

6) Finally I had a long chat with Sam who is a local Aussie with Italian blood. Our conversation was interrupted by Jenny the Kairos student meeting me to return a USB. I was glad God moved me to catch up with Sam to continue with our conversation. She was seriously misled by some Christians from Charismatic background that she will not be saved until she can receive the baptism by the Spirit resulting in ability to speak in tongue. Most Pentecostal denominations who advocate the importance of speaking in tongue still dare not claim it is a condition of salvation but over stressing its importance. She was so grateful to my clarifications that she now can claim she is 100% sure of her salvation and having absolute hope to continue on her life journey of Sanctification to be purified to return to perfection when Jesus comes again.

Battle Log by Johnny :-

Praise be to God, Operation 513 street evangelism team had 5 persons joining the today preaching at Sunny bank. as usual , God let many people stop and hear the gospel . One Aussie girl named Gakoda, she wanted to trust in Jesus Christ becoming her savior,after full gospel conversation . Please pray for her.

感謝天父上帝的帶領和祝福,513 福音團隊今天有五位弟兄出席,上帝一照往常的讓人停下腳步來聽福音,有一位澳洲女生Gakoda她聽完了福音之後我問她: 你願意相信耶穌基督成為你的救主嗎? 她說: 我願意信耶穌。請為她禱告。

Battle Log by Andrew:

On Wednesday I began my guest teaching role at BST and then raced across to Sunnybank to join the team for outreach.

I first chatted with Corby who is from China. He struggled quite a bit with English (and I have minimal Mandarin) but despite this, we were able to work our way through the gospel message. He knew nothing of the gospel and was very grateful to me for sharing. He took a tract in Chinese and a Gospel of John to read.

Yu Fung is also from China. Even though he has no religious background, he believes that there is a God but that this God is not involved in the world at all. We spent a while talking through the gospel and I was then able to give him tracts in both English and Chinese and a gospel of John in Chinese.

Please pray for both these guys as they read God’s word and for all the others through the afternoon who took tracts and had short chats.


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